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Our American Moving Services

House Moving

Here is American Mover, having years of experience with quality services backing up to move all kinds of stuff and belongings wherever you want with a skillful approach. Shifting house is a tough job since you want all your household items and furniture removed without stress and a single scratch.

We have expert movers at a low price to do your job done within a day. Earn a free moving estimate or calculate your moving cost and give your instruction to finish the job appropriately.

For international relocation, keep in mind that we provide special discount offers, unlike any other corporate relocation. Get an expert journey with our American movers.

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Office Relocation

Employees cheering up after office relocation

Are you facing difficulty with corporate relocation? Our corporate relocation expert movers will produce the task a lot more comfy, along with much more affordable for you. American moving company can fulfill your requirements.

We are the best moving company in Bend, Oregon. For twenty-four hours customer service, please fill-up the form and contact us. You have to include your address and phone number there. Our representative in your area will call you. We have an online payment system.


Local moving refers to shifting locally or in the same state within a particular area. If you plan to relocate your house or business anywhere else while staying in a similar nation-state, American movers will consider it a local moving.

Long distance move refers to a shifting that covers a vast distance and sometimes a cross-state relocation too. As a renowned commercial moving company, American movers deliver international moving services also.

Movers are ready to handle each and everything. There is no time to worry when American moving company, the best distant moving company, is on duty. You can use portable containers for storage convenience for your local and long-distance moving services. Contact us for a free moving quote.

American budget movers serve the best group of staff for your local and long distance relocation. Since we have years of experience, you can undoubtedly choose our help for getting discount shifting assistance. Movers ensure the best customer service. For more information, check out the benefits of hiring a moving company.

movers preparing for a local moving service

Loading / Unloading

mover loading/unloading boxes

Accessories made of glass or antique or heavy or light? American expert movers have electric forklift trucks, wheel loaders, and also excavator loading, and as well as unloading by truck service for you.

Our experienced movers make loading and unloading furniture much easier and wiser for you. You may receive a special offer if you visit our website.

Storage and Delivery

Safety and security are essential nowadays in terms of storage facilities. We would gladly inform you that you can hire our moving storage, one of the best American moving storage.

Each storage unit is secure and also locked away for your privacy. Time will positively not impact the conditions of your things by any means. Our focused approach is quality moving with excellent storage facilities.

Our American moving company ensures the highest quality control as a trusted provider. Hence our packing and storage services should be your first choice.

moving employee in a storage room

Our key Locations


Our movers from Boston to New York are fully professional whether you need a local moving or long distance relocation service. We are able to move your studio apartment, room basement, or any corporate relocation from Boston to New York City with a flat rate charge. 


Like Boston, we have our branch in Queens city. Our Queens movers offering the same moving services including long-distance moving, apartment or house relocation, furniture disassembly and storage facility with minimal costs.​


Beaverton is one of the most populous cities in Oregon state. Lots of people love to move from other states to this city for business and residence. They need moving services and here are Beaverton Movers as a budget-friendly, fully licensed moving company.


Moving can be complicated in Bend as it is one of the most expensive cities in Central Oregon. You will find a lot of moving companies in Bend Oregon, with a high amount of charges. But don’t worry; we make your move easy with storage or labor help.


Massachusetts is one of the most popular states in the USA. For a better user-oriented moving experience, fully licensed Massachusetts moving companies can be the best option for their affordability.

Got Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us through email or give us a phone call about any issue regarding your Home or Office moving, Loading/Unloading, Packing, Junk removal, Storage, and delivery. Receive a free moving quote by filling up the form above and experience our  24-hour customer care.

Great Team, Great Moves

Why Choose Us

American moving company has been serving you since 1996 with years of experience.

Flat rate pricing and NO surprise charges; American moving services always let the clients know about the full procedure.

Movers handle all loading and unloading very carefully, and a computed function takes care of your things in the storage unit.

Efficient packing service. Online payment facility.


"I Totally Recommend These Guys..."

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for careful truck shipping. The relocation took place within a single moving date, and that saves me a lot of money. Truly appreciate their well-designed website and flat rate pricing.

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