5 Tips for Protecting Hardwood Floors During a Move

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Moving is an unavoidable process in life that comes with some challenges. One of the more difficult areas to deal with during a move is hardwood floors. Use these five tips to protect your hardwood and keep it looking as good as new after you have moved into your new home.

Moving can be a difficult process, especially when you have to move large pieces of furniture. The “ram board” is a small piece of wood that will help protect your hardwood floors from scratches and marks.

The worst nightmare of all! One slip-up when moving your furniture creates a massive gash in your gorgeous, glossy hardwood flooring. Cringe when you read those words, and then resolve to safeguard your hardwood floors while relocating to a new city from your heavy furniture pieces and fallen boxes. Here are a variety of actions you can do to maintain your new flooring secure and beautiful, ranging from the easiest to the most difficult.

1. first focus on the doormats

Do you recall when we discussed mistakes? Nothing may trip up even the most meticulous mover like damp flooring, scattered leaves, or footwear caked in mud or grass. You may avoid mishaps by lining the entrance with mats to assist keep the slick items off the wood flooring.

2. Most likely, you already have runners or carpets.

Hold onto them for one more day and use them as floor protection throughout the hallways with the most traffic if you’re thinking of replacing your old ones to go with your fresh new start. The movers will be relieved, and you can take them off to show scratch-free flooring afterward. You won’t care if they become muddy or scuffed up throughout the process.

3. The best furniture sliders are available.

When you roll your furniture rather than carry it, they not only save back injuries but also significantly lessen the possibility of bumps and scuffs. When you are ready to move your furniture, check the wheels to make sure they are clear and well-maintained.

4. No sliding furniture doors? employ cardboard

Cardboard may be a terrific solution for moving furniture, albeit it isn’t nearly as opulent and smooth as a furniture slider. For a smoother glide and less risk of hurting your floor, pad the bottom of the cardboard, which may still be a little bit scratchy.

5. Utilize a Ram Board or another kind of floor protection roll.

You may be sure that Ram Board will protect your flooring from movers and furniture since it is designed to provide heavy-duty protection for contractors. It is intended to be applied on clean floors before the move and then peeled off after you’re done, like other types of floor protection rolls. If you would like, many moving firms may charge more for a floor protection roll; be sure to ask about this when hiring movers.

See this blog article for extra advice on protecting your new house from harm. However, most hardware shops have scratch markers that may be gently applied to minor scratches if you do wind up with unlucky marks on your flooring. Look for pre-colored latex wood floor filler that matches your flooring for bigger gouges. Ideal, though? Use the advice above to prevent scratches in the first place.

The “how to protect floors when moving furniture” is a guide that will help you prepare for your move. It includes 5 tips for protecting hardwood floors during a move.


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Christina Brown
Christina Brown

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