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Whether you’re a long-time resident or new to the city, it’s important that you have a plan for apartment moving. This check list will help make your move go as smoothly as possible.

The “apartment moving checklist pdf” is a document that provides the basic information needed for apartment movers.

lovely new residence? Check. Deposit received? Check. panicked glance at the clutter that has mysteriously amassed in your closet? Yikes. When leaving your residence, what exactly do you need to take care of? We have compiled a thorough list of all the things you need to do before, during, and after your relocation.

So at least “create the list of moving duties” may be checked off, right? Let’s begin.

3 to 6 months prior to relocation day

  • Inform your landlord when you plan to leave. Check your landlord’s rules to make sure you offer the required amount of time; most leases call for 30 to 60 days’ notice.
  • Hire and book the rental truck or moving service for your apartment. To guarantee you obtain the day and equipment you need, arrange your moving transportation at least one to two months in advance, especially during busy moving seasons.
  • Gather packing materials! Check your neighborhood Craigslist for old packing supplies, browse the free bin at the U-Haul location, or enquire at your neighborhood supermarkets for food boxes. When you buy your moving materials as part of your moving package, several apartment moving firms may give you a discount. I’ll give you a hint: you’ll need more boxes than you think!
  • Create piles for selling, donating, and tossing. You’ll undoubtedly discover a lot of things you don’t want to take with you when you go through your stuff. Put them in containers or bags for simple transportation to their future location.
  • Dot your Is and cross your Ts. Notify the companies who supply your utilities, and make plans to have your name removed from the account when it is time. Find out who will be providing your utilities in your new apartment and follow the same procedure to make sure everything is set up on schedule.
  • If you’re changing healthcare providers, send your medical and dental records over! Don’t wait until you have to make an appointment in your new location since this might take up to a month.

one to two weeks before the actual move

  • Increase the speed of your packing. In the meantime? The following are key points to bear in mind:
    • Each box should be properly marked with its contents and final location.
    • Keep your valuables and critical documents separate and move them yourself.
    • Mark any boxes that could get hot if they are kept in the moving truck for an extended period of time, such as those containing electronics or artwork.
    • Set aside one or two suitcases for any last-minute items you’ll need while traveling. Include a couple extra sets of clothing, some essential toiletries, a towel, chargers for all of your devices, prescriptions, and any supplies you may need for your pets.
  • Keep your appliances clean. The day before you move, your freezer and refrigerator will need to be defrosted, but by thoroughly cleaning everything and making sure they are dry and empty when you leave, you may avoid giving the new renters any unpleasant surprises.
  • If you’re driving to your new house, have your car serviced. For a comfortable voyage, check that your tires, fluids, and oil are in excellent condition.
  • On the day of the move, make sure you are aware of where the moving truck will be parked and, if necessary, get permission to use the elevator. Keep in mind that some housing complexes demand you to reserve a certain time window for heavy usage.
  • Are there any repairs that need to be made now that the most of your bulkiest possessions have been packed? By taking care of them right away, you might avoid being charged for damages or losing your deposit.

Moving day

  • Your possessions will be inventoried by the apartment movers, so make sure you have a copy that matches so you can do an inventory after the relocation. Keep an eye on each box as it is taken out. Have animals? So that the movers won’t have to worry about them escaping, make sure they are someplace else.
  • To guarantee you receive your deposit back when it’s finally time to leave an apartment, it’s crucial to do a thorough cleaning.
  • Finally, make sure everything is handed in to your landlord, including your travel bags, and that all doors and windows are closed, the heat and air conditioning are turned off, all drawers and cabinets are empty, and all lights are out.

Moving in

  • Don’t forget to examine your new apartment amid the excitement of your arrival. Make note of any existing defects, such as dents or scratches, and snap photographs or mark them on your lease with your new landlord.
  • Now is the perfect time to clean your flat if it hasn’t been done to your satisfaction before it fills up with boxes.
  • When your goods are brought inside and placed in the right rooms, unload the moving truck or oversee the apartment moving company. This is the moment to get out your inventory if you’re utilizing movers and mark items off as they come in.
  • The essentials should be unpacked first, including your pet supplies, dishes, linens, and silverware. Enjoy your new house and unpack everything else soon after to make sure it all arrived securely.

Check out our checklist for moving into a new apartment for more useful advice!


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