6 Awesome Los Angeles Flea Markets

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There are so many flea markets in Los Angeles, but here are the best of the bunch.

The “los angeles flea market calendar” is a list of 6 awesome Los Angeles Flea Markets. The list includes the dates and locations of each event, along with links to more information about each one.

Many people believe that you need a six-figure income to shop in Los Angeles because of television and movies. Nothing could be farther from the truth than this. Of course, there are a ton of awe-inspiring malls, as well as streets dotted with chic shops, but these aren’t the only places to shop. There is a strong possibility that your Los Angeles movers will tell you that this city boasts some of the top flea markets in the world if you ask them.

1. Melrose Trading Post

You may discover clothing and accessories here that will perfectly match your wardrobe, whether you believe your style to be hipster, retro, or trendy. Even while there is a lot of merchandise that is much too expensive for a flea market, if you look closely enough, you may discover some really incredible bargains. There are a lot of handcrafted products available here as well, which are usually worth the additional money.

2. Pasadena City College

One of the biggest flea markets in the state is held solely on the first Sunday of each month. More than 500 vendors offer anything from high-end antiques to stuff from rummage sales at this venue. The third level of the parking structure is almost taken over by more than 70 record merchants, hence Pasadena City College is best recognized for its musical offerings. There is a lot to see, and it is only open from 8 am to 3 pm, so come early.

3. Rose Bowl Flea Market

You most likely have if you believe you may have heard of this one. Every month, up to 20,000 shoppers and 2,500 exhibitors attend this renowned flea market. For the last 40 years, it has drawn tourists from all over the world. Consider the fact that you can go there anytime you want if you reside in Los Angeles. Even a large number of food sellers are there to keep you motivated during the day of shopping.

4. The Santee Alley

This is the place to go if you’re seeking for really inexpensive imitation sunglasses, purses, shoes, etc. This lane is lined with vendors, and the majority of them are eager to negotiate if you make a fair offer. You shouldn’t anticipate finding a spotless and refined setting here. Although it is dirty and difficult to locate parking, you won’t find discounts like this anyplace else. Even ATMs are available in case you run out of cash. Yes, cash is required here; credit cards and cheques are not accepted.

5. Venice Antiques & Collectibles, number

Despite being a smaller flea market, you may still get some incredible bargains here. You may have to go through a lot of trash, but when you discover that $3 handbag that seems to have just been manufactured, the day will have been worthwhile. This flea market is for you if the excitement of the search appeals to you.

6. Casa Victoria Home Furnishings

Your Los Angeles movers may advise you to this location if you ask them where to get furnishings for your new home. The fact that they offer some incredible furniture and home décor items, particularly lamps, is what sets them apart from flea markets and thrift shops. You may discover all the lights you need for your new home here, in a variety of styles from modern to quirky to vintage.

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Los Angeles has a lot of flea markets, but there are six that we recommend. This guide will help you find your way to the best one. Reference: flea market los angeles open today.

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