6 Beautiful Parks and Gardens in Topeka, KS

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Kansas City has some of the best parks and gardens in the country. Here are 6 that you should visit if you’re looking for beautiful scenery, a peaceful escape, or an unbeatable date idea.

The “playgrounds in topeka, ks” is a type of park that has many playgrounds. These parks are fun for kids and adults alike. They have lots of different things to do including playing sports, having picnics, or just walking around and enjoying nature.

The historic Brown v. Board of Education case was heard in Topeka, the capital of Kansas, which is also known for its lovely parks and gardens. You’ll be glad to hear that Topeka has a ton of enjoyable parks that may significantly improve your quality of life if you’re thinking about relocating there. The following are Topeka, Kansas’s top 6 parks and gardens:

1. Shawnee Lake

In 2017 Expedia named Shawnee Lake the “Best Place to Visit in Kansas.” Built over 80 years ago, the facilities include a marina, tennis and volleyball courts, campgrounds, golf courses, playgrounds, water activities, and an all-around gorgeous setting. Shawnee Lake regularly hosts recreational events and it’s open year-round for RV and tent camping.

2. Gage Park

For more than a century, Gage Park has been a beloved destination for visitors from all around Kansas and the country. Gage Park, which spans 160 acres, offers a variety of activities for the entire family. The well-known mini-train that travels along a mile-long beautiful path is one of the attractions, along with a carousel, zoo, conservation center, family-friendly pools, shelter rentals, kiddie play areas, and more. Just be sure to double-check the hours before you visit since they vary by season.

3. Gardens of Ted Ensley

Located on the west side of Shawnee Lake, the Gardens of Ted Ensley are some 37 acres of stunning flowers and plant life. The Gardens include 1200 varieties of perennials, 300 varieties of annuals, and beautifully groomed trees and shrubs. There are paved walking trails so you can walk around, and there’s also a gazebo, pergola, and pagoda with a meditation garden. If you’re looking to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty, the Gardens of Ted Ensley are a great choice.

4. zoological park in Topeka

This little zoo is tidy, well-maintained, and growing all the time. A wide range of birds, reptiles, and even bugs and spiders for the courageous are among the attractions, in addition to elephants, lions, porcupines, bears, and others. There are extremely affordable entrance fees and an annual membership option. It’s a fantastic activity for both residents and families from outside of Topeka.

5. Park near Kaw River State

The Park near Kaw River State is one of the newer parks in Topeka; opened in 2010, it’s the only urban-type park in the area. There are plenty of hiking, walking, and mountain-biking trails, and there’s access to canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats on the Kansas River. You can also try to catch a glimpse of the deer, turkey, eagles, and other wildlife that inhabits the surrounding forest. And if you work up an appetite after all that time in nature, you can check out some of the good eats nearby.

6. Park in memory of Harry W. Colmery

A good place to go if you want to experience a little history, Park in memory of Harry W. Colmery is a tribute to Harry W. Colmery, a Kansas attorney who is credited with being the main architect of the GI Bill of 1944, a law aimed at providing benefits to World War II veterans. The memorial park was dedicated in 2016, and it features a life-sized statue of Colmery and a bronze relief of 6 veterans.

Prepared to Move?

Another benefit of living in Topeka is that housing costs there are substantially cheaper than the national average, in addition to the abundance of stunning parks and gardens that the city has to offer (link to Cost of Living article). Moving to Topeka, Kansas can be the finest decision you ever make due to its inexpensive cost of living and plenty of accessible leisure activities.


Topeka is a city in the state of Kansas and it is home to 6 beautiful parks and gardens. The most popular parks are the Topeka Zoo, the Topeka Botanical Garden, and the Topeka State Fair. Reference: things to see in topeka.

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