Best City for Single Men to Expand their Dating Pool

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best city for single men

Moving to a new city can present numerous opportunities for adventure, career progression, and love. But, for the last item on that list, you may need to pick your options carefully to ensure you stand the best chance of finding a long-term partner. So, what is the best city for single men to move to?

Figuring Out the Best Cities for a Fun and Promising Dating Scene

Statistically, about half of all adults living in the U.S. are single. This figure could project plenty of hope for people looking to settle down or get into relationships if you look at it from a glass-half-full perspective.

Factors affecting the best cities for single men

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Understanding the distribution of this population can increase your chances of expanding your dating opportunities through a calculated move. I know what you are thinking, “since online dating is an option, why should I move to meet a potential partner?”

Admittedly, the statistics surrounding long-distance relationships are not demoralizing. Work and studies are the common reasons people find themselves dating someone who lives considerably far. However, among those who have been in such situations, 32% of them would not do it again.

Moreover, during the pandemic, people tended to move out of cities in favor of sparsely populated areas. Still, the trend of moving out of big cities was not new even though the figure increased as a response to the health concern.

Unless you and your partner plan on closing the distance, it helps to live in the same city. So, what are the best cities for single men?

1. New York City, New York

New York City

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The concrete jungle is pretty competitive regarding career opportunities, and the same rings true for the single life. Nevertheless, it is a fun hub for the nightlife scene as there are numerous places to meet single women and men in the area.

Moreover, the metro area offers a richly diverse community that will help broaden your horizons. The median age for men and women is 35 and 38 years, respectively. Additionally, about 52% of the population is women.

Unfortunately, many people living in the Big Apple rent apartments instead of owning homes. Also, the median rent in the area is about $2845, which could seem pretty inaccessible to some young professionals, especially if they are starting their careers.

This factor can complicate things for a single guy since it ranks among the most expensive for going on dates. Still, the city’s vibrance and vast dating pool make it alluring. Plus, the excellent moving companies in Massachusetts are available to help.

2. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee

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Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the American cities experiencing a consistent population increase since the pandemic. Music City owes its popularity to the steady real estate investment market and low unemployment rate. If you are a single guy, Nashville is one of the best cities to hold down a job and eventually own a home.

The great Music City has a vibrant entertainment scene with numerous venues where you can meet women. For instance, the Nashville Jazz Workshop, Nashville Opera, Grand Schermerhorn, and Ryman Auditorium are excellent examples of rich nightlife options. Plus, the many music festivals available give you numerous opportunities to meet people and hopefully find love.

Foodies can find plenty to celebrate in the great city of Nashville. Whether it is finger-licking BBQ or a three-course meal in one of the finer establishments, the delicacies will help smooth out your dates. Hence, single men who are not culinary experts can still make a lasting impression.

Moreover, most people fall in the age range of 25 to 34 years, representing about 20% of the total population. Additionally, most rental units cost between $1,000 and $1,500 monthly. Thus, it is one of the best cities for single men who want affordability within metropolitan areas.

3. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, is another great place that has become an increasingly popular destination to hold down a job, meet beautiful women, and engage in a friendly but sophisticated dating scene. Additionally, the residents are kind and warm, contrasting the frigid weather.

The phrase “Minnesota Nice” may seem to have a negative connotation on the surface. However, the blanket kindness of the population means you have to try harder to break the proverbial ice within the dating pool. If you succeed in cultivating interest, the numerous options to meet eligible singles make the whole endeavor worth it.

A significant fraction of the population, unmarried or divorced, tend to meet through numerous dating apps. You can meet single women based on your age group, race, and relationship needs: if you are looking for friends, serious or casual relationships. Unless you want a hookup, most dating sites have more women than men.

If you are more of a traditionalist, the single bars in Minneapolis might tickle your fancy. Although it requires a bit more effort than messaging someone online, flirting with single women in person has plenty of perks. Still, you can find the perfect place to let loose, eat well, and potentially plunge into the dating pool.

4. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

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The beautiful weather in the City of Angles means that dating traditionalists have one more reason to go out and meet people organically. Still, it is not one of the worst cities for introverts, but the social culture can be tricky to get around if you like to spend time alone.

Moreover, the rent in the area can be restrictive for some people. Ideally, you can find a place about 791 square feet for $2,734 monthly. Although this is above the national average, the sprawling city offers numerous commuting options to ensure you keep in touch with friends and potential lovers.

It is challenging can see beyond the cultural stereotypes of frat boys, flaky attitudes, and people who network to catch their big break in the entertainment industry. Hence, relying on a dating app can make it tricky to separate serious people from the rest. But, you can leverage the top city for single guys by engaging in the outdoors.

Prioritize making new friends and meeting people with each opportunity you get. For starters, you can experience the nightlife in all its glory through festivals, bars, restaurants, jazz clubs, and even shopping areas. Still, you may have to keep up with the latest fashion trends to make yourself visible to your ideal woman.

5. San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

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A contender the best cities for single men, San Francisco, also happens to be pretty restrictive regarding renting. On average, you can get a 740-square-foot apartment for about $3,397. Studios are cheaper but smaller, while other unit types with generous space and luxury options will cost way more.

The median income for households in the metro area is an impressive $119,136. Consequently, young professionals in promising careers tend to do well in the city’s dating pool. Unfortunately, the hefty work schedules and long commute times could lead to trouble finding a partner.

Although depending on dating apps can help you bridge the gap of making single friends, relying on online dating may not yield the best results. Additionally, the entrenched tech culture influenced by Silicon Valley could make it seem like your only option for meeting women.

Tahoe, Alamere Falls, Yosemite, and Hog Island are excellent places to take a traditional approach to meeting people. Use the cold months to take ski trips, waterfall hikes, taste exotic wines, camp, or take oyster binges. The numerous activities available make the destination one of the best cities for single men.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the best cities for single men, thanks to the low rent costs that translate to $1,506 for about 893 square feet. Additionally, the median income per household is $58,377 means life in the city may not be as expensive as you think.

For instance, the average cost for two movie tickets is about $23. So, you can date well within your means while making a fantastic impression on a potential partner.

On the other hand, you can experience the nightlife through the hundreds of hangout spots to match your interests. The bars and eateries offer an excellent opportunity to chill and flirt in accommodating environments.

If you want to dive into the dating pool, you can engage in speed dating opportunities and attend singles events in the area. In addition, any single man should jump at the chance to go to a singles club depending on his music preferences, location, wallet, and free time.

Although Las Vegas has earned its notorious nickname of Sin City, the area is pretty safe. The entertainment foundation of the location makes it a prime arena for dating and meeting like-minded single women.

7. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

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The capital city, Washington, D.C., offers one of the most dynamic dating scenes in the country. The median age is 34.3 years, and the median household income is $92,266. These statistics represent wonderful opportunities for single men to meet women in an encouraging setting.

Admittedly, the rent in the area means you need to hold down a stable job to have a decent chance at dating. However, for an average apartment of about 746 square feet, you should be ready to part with $2,335. Some neighborhoods like Federal Triangle are more expensive, but you can find plenty of affordable options in Woodland, Twining, and Skyland.

The professional culture in the city may be the biggest obstacle to overcome regarding dating in Washington, D.C., as most people are pretty busy. If you are tired of swiping in dating apps and lack the money to hire a matchmaker, experiencing the nightlife is your next best option.

The rooftop bars are an excellent example of places that offer a chill spot with unique perspectives of the sprawling city. Alternatively, you can visit numerous comedy clubs like the Magic Duel and D.C. Improv.

If you are looking for more engaging spots in the nation’s capital, there are events and festivals to keep you busy. The Oktoberfest in September and the D.C. Jazz Festivals allow you to meet like-minded singles in a fun environment.

8. San Diego, California

San Diego, California

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America’s Finest City, San Diego, California, is an ocean-side location primed for meeting a life-long companion. For starters, the median income for households is $83,454, and the figure gives you a feel of the average costs of living there.

Furthermore, the average rent for apartments in the area is $2,916. Depending on the neighborhood, this amount gives you about 875 square feet of living space.

Still, the city’s dating scene has gotten a bad rap for the lackluster singles who have grown lethargic thanks to the easy-going climate. Also, the breathtaking shorelines and numerous local joints create numerous options but will narrow your gaze.

The city’s population will open plenty of doors for using dating apps. I prefer speed dating as it gets you face-to-face, and you will not be worrying about unanswered texts. If you can keep the conversation going, you can visit the singles bars or club hop for the night through the fantastic hot spots.


My list is not exhaustive as other cities offer significant opportunities for single men. Nevertheless, finding a life-long partner should involve a personal journey where you stick to your strengths.

That said, you can still meet the woman of your dreams in a themed singles bar outside your comfort zone. However, you stand a better chance if you involve yourself in the things that interest you.

Remember to leave the house while pursuing your interest, as online dating can only get you so far. Risks are key in any endeavor, but make sure they are calculated before you plan to move. Then, when you are ready to make the leap, our helpful tips for first-time movers will come in handy.

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