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Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and one of the most beautiful cities in America. The desert temperatures are perfect for those who want to escape from a hot, humid summer! Phoenix has several different areas to choose from when it comes to finding your perfect spot in the sun. Phoenix is a desert city in the state of Arizona. You can find some of the best desert areas near Phoenix here. Those who have spent their whole lives in Phoenix sometimes take the desert for granted. But some that relocate here can’t get enough of the distinctive vibe the desert has to offer. You will never get bored of seeing the countryside come to life as the sun sets and awe-struck by the cactus and succulents. Here are a few Phoenix attractions you should check out when your passion for the desert intensifies.

Park at North Mountain

At the northernmost point of the city, there sits this enormous tract of land. The paths are well-kept without diminishing the harshness of the terrain, making it a fantastic site to go hiking. You won’t get lost as long as you pay attention to the signs since they are well indicated. A picnic area is also there, and it tends to be rather popular on the weekends.

Mountain Camelback

You’ll work out a lot as you climb this mountain. Even though the distance is just three miles roundtrip, allow yourself plenty of time to finish the journey. The terrain is rough, and you may need to use your hands to ascend in a few spots. Beware of snakes! It’s really more tougher to get down than up, so bring plenty of water and an energy snack. Make certain that your bag has bandages as well.

Park at South Mountains

There are a ton of trails here, and you should check them all out. Every trailhead at the base of the mountains have restrooms. Turning up the music on your iPod is not a smart idea since these pathways are suitable for equestrians, bikes, dogs, and pedestrians. Due to the size of this park, pay attention to the signage. There is a chance of getting lost since it takes around 15 miles to drive from one end to the other. The Desert Classic path is suggested if you are biking. Keep to the east side for the tougher, more remote paths that also happen to have the nicest vistas.

Gardens of the Desert

Even though you won’t get much exercise here, it’s still a lovely site to visit. The grounds are so gorgeous that there are usually weddings held here on the weekends. You must come while the butterfly display is in full bloom. They’ll swarm everywhere and could even settle on you. The spacious walks are surrounded by many plant species. The wildflower circle route, which has a kaleidoscope of hues and scents, will also please your senses. Even while it may be hot here and there are many snakes to be aware of, after enough time in Phoenix, you won’t even notice the creepy crawlies. Dogs, bikes, horses, and pedestrians may all use the paths, but if you bring pets, make sure you also carry enough water for them. Once on the trails, there is nowhere to fill a bottle. Also keep in mind that it becomes steeper the farther out you go. Don’t forget to look into the top movers in Phoenix while relocating here. The “saguaro cactus location map” is a useful resource for anyone interested in finding the best desert areas in Phoenix. The map includes the locations of all the major saguaro cacti in Phoenix.

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