Best Restaurants in Cedar Rapids, IA

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s restaurant scene has grown and evolved over the last 15 years. New restaurants are popping up to satisfy locals’ taste buds while old favorites stay in business by adapting with new ideas and techniques.

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Did you know that the iconic American Gothic artwork was created in Cedar Rapids, Iowa? Or maybe Elijah Woods, the renowned Lord of the Rings actor, grew raised in this Midwest city? Even better, whether you’re moving there or simply visiting, Cedar Rapids offers some fantastic eateries to delight your palate. Here you can find a list of Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s top restaurants.

1. Village Meat Market & Cafe

Despite the modest name, this Czech market and café serves some of the best smoked meats, sausage, deli meats, and salads in the country. There isn’t much here for vegetarians, but if you want meat prepared in a variety of ways, put this restaurant at the top of your list of places to eat in Cedar Rapids.

2. Irish Democratic Party

This is the place to go if you’re seeking Irish beers and pub food. Burgers, pizza, ribs, and nachos all go well with a cold Smithwicks or a Guinness. If you prefer a restaurant setting or want to play pool with your pals, choose from one of the several dining rooms. Don’t forget to get the cheesy wontons, which the locals claim to be the greatest item on the menu.

3. Stone Hill

At this restaurant that uses local produce, dress it up and enjoy some local flavor. The bartenders are skilled mixologists who can create drinks to suit any palette, the menu constantly changes to reflect what is available, and the old décor truly emphasizes the feeling of farm-fresh cuisine. Bring your pals along and your sense of adventure when it comes to food, and let your taste buds be pleased.

4. Tokyo Sushi

Cedar Rapids has sushi and bachis? Oh, yes. Fresh, high-quality sushi and attentive service are available in a welcoming, happy environment. After cleaning your hands with a hot towel to begin your visit, take in the exquisitely arranged delicacies as they come out. Where should you eat in Cedar Rapids if you want something a bit unique? Test Oyama.

5. The Missing Cuban

Surprise! In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, you may get wonderful and genuine Cuban cuisine. You may swing by for a Cuban Sandwich and some authentic Cuban coffee at lunchtime, a Cuban hotdog and some platanos maduros on the weekends, or a burger late at night (until 2 am!). If you want to eat here for supper, spice up your evening by trying anything from the newly introduced bar and drink menu!

6. Club Social Black Sheep

The Black Sheep’s chefs and employees take delight in pursuing novel ideas. Even the beers served on tap at the bar are made using ingredients that are as locally sourced as possible. Visitors are greeted with rustic decor that is evocative of the grain and spice warehouse that formerly stood in the structure, inviting them to an experience that is never the same. Save space for dessert because the Black Sheep Banana Split will be the ideal way to cap off a flawless dinner. Try a new spin on a Midwest staple like duck fat fries or Veal Osso Bucco.

The “cedar rapids restaurants downtown” is a list of the best restaurants in Cedar Rapids, IA.

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