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Moving with a family is never an easy task. It can take up to several weeks of planning, packing and coordinating the logistics before you actually move your things out into their new home — but once everything has finally been moved in, it’s time for a celebratory dinner!

The “worst places to live in maryland” are the worst places to live in Maryland. Unpakt Blog has compiled a list of the best towns for families in Maryland.

Maryland has had a rise of 9.3 percent since 2000 while having a comparatively low population. This is done for a very good purpose. People desire to live here despite the fact that the cost of living is 19.8% more than the national average and the typical house is $225,800. Why? One of the greatest states in the union for raising a family is this one. Numerous towns and cities are teeming with parks and family-friendly attractions. Not to add, there are only 14.7 pupils for every teacher on average in the state, a ratio that teachers and parents around the nation aspire to. Therefore, if you have already decided to go to Maryland, choosing where to live is the most important choice you must make. There aren’t technically any “bad” places to live in Maryland, but there are several places with family-friendly neighborhoods that you may want to prioritize.



There are really 10 independent towns in this planned community, and they are all excellent choices. The Howard County Public School system serves Columbia, and Hennen’s American Public Library Ratings lists the Howard County Library as one of the best in the country.

In addition to having headquarters here, significant corporations including Pet Meds, Sourcefire, and Arbitron are a key source of employment in the US. Columbia has a variety of recreational facilities, including an equestrian center, ice and roller skating rinks, a skate park, miniature golf, many playgrounds, and more.



Gaithersburg was named one of the top cities in 2010 by “Bloomberg BusinessWeek” as a location to raise children. For commuters or families without cars, public transit from this city to Washington, DC, is appealing, and Gaithersburg is serviced by the excellent Montgomery County Public Schools system. There is a charming downtown center, and families often move to the Kentlands neighborhood, a planned community with plenty of housing options and employment opportunities. The Bohrer Park water park, Bowl America, and Gaithersburg Miniature Golf provide a ton of family-friendly activities as too.


Park Takoma

More over 40% of homes in this planned commuter suburb only miles from Washington, DC, are headed by married couples, and more than 33% of those households have families. The Monterey County Public Schools system covers this community, and there are several festivals and cultural events held there throughout the year, much as in Gaithersburg. On Advanced Placement tests, students in this district consistently rank among the best in the nation. There is also a little but lovely farmer’s market.



Frederick has the advantage of being near to D.C. yet far enough away to retain its charming small-town atmosphere and make commuting to work feasible. Additionally, Cunningham Falls State Park and ski areas are near by, providing several opportunities for outdoor recreation. More than 200 restaurants, boutiques, and antique stores may be found in the historic downtown, along with 600 other companies and organizations that employ more than 5,000 people. A stunning park with water features, walkways, and a 350-seat amphitheater that is utilized for many outdoor concerts is also located downtown. Even though it has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, you can find inexpensive apartments there.



This community is served by Prince George’s County Public Schools, a system that boasts 14 Blue Ribbon Schools, 12 of which are USDE National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence. Additionally, Bowie offers a wide range of private schools. With walking trails, contemporary playgrounds, a skate park, picnic areas, ball fields, and more, Allen Pond Park is a secure and entertaining destination for families with children. Oh, plus there’s a Six Flags America right here! What young person wouldn’t want to reside in a place with a theme park nearby? Season passes are soon to be yours!

  Several further communities with top-notch schools and low crime rates include Annapolis, Sykesville, Rockville, Mount Airy, Poolesville, and Chevy Chase. They all deserve honorable mentions for their excellent public schools. Having trouble relocating with children? To aid with your planning, read this article.



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