Best Way to Pack Artwork for Moving

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Whether you’re moving, relocating or simply cleaning out your studio space before a new exhibition, the best way to pack artwork is by task.

The “how to pack artwork for storage” is a question that many people ask. The best way to pack artwork for moving is to wrap it in paper, and then put it in a box.

A collection of personal objects or creative masterpieces amassed over time, art is often bought one item at a time to decorate and tell a narrative in your house. You want your photos, paintings, and sculptures to travel securely throughout the move to your new house, but how can you do that? We’ve compiled a list of our top suggestions for packing artwork for relocation, ranging from hiring experts to more do-it-yourself methods. Look at it.

Good packaging materials are essential.

The ideal method to pack artwork for a move is with a lot of cushioning, but more crucially, the right sort of padding—that is, padding that won’t unintentionally harm these priceless works.

What then will you require?

  • Tape for painting
  • cardboard for packing
  • Bouncy tape
  • The right-sized box
  • Avoid using newspaper or packing peanuts; instead, use clean paper or air packs.
  • Optional materials include glassine paper for artwork without a glass frame and postal tubes for canvases that transport more conveniently curled up.

We’ll repeat it since it’s so crucial: don’t use packing peanuts or newspaper! Even if nothing gets wet, newspapers may smear ink over your priceless artwork, and packing peanuts often scatter tiny bits of styrofoam all over the place. Even worse if the peanuts are made of maize since they transform into corn glue at the first hint of moisture. There are still many environmentally friendly packaging options available that won’t tarnish your artwork.


Move gently and slowly: framed art

First, if your piece of art has a glass pane, create a large X with your painters tape across the glass side and go around the glass edge close to the frame. In the unlikely event that your glass breaks while being transported, this will stop it from exploding and ruining your artwork.

Step two: Use a clean piece of cardboard for packing, cut the same size as the frame to cover the glass. Note: don’t put it right up against the glass, but against the frame itself. If your artwork doesn’t have glass this same step applies, but it is highly recommended to use Glassine or other art protectants directly over the art itself. 

Step three: Wrap the entire thing securely in Bouncy tape. This is a good time to really go wild with wrapping so you don’t leave any exposed corners! When taping the wrap in place, only adhere the tape to the wrap itself — not to the artwork or frame.

Step four is to carefully insert the artwork inside the box with plenty of padding all around. Make sure there are no significant gaps where objects might move and shift while being transported. To let your movers know they are transporting artwork and that they should treat it with care, be sure to clearly label your box “FRAGILE” on all sides.


For fragile or vintage frames…

Sometimes it’s better to let the experts box up your delicate artwork since that’s what they do best. For a nominal cost, have your works professionally packed by your neighborhood gallery or frame shop; after all, they’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to box artwork for transporting to displays and purchasers. Whether they are paintings or sculptures, your assets should be protected throughout the journey.

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When moving, it is important to pack your artwork in such a way that it will not be damaged during the move. The best way to pack artwork for shipping is by using boxes and bubble wrap. Reference: how to pack artwork for shipping.

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