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NJ is a great place to get away from it all. The state has some of the best beaches in the nation, many resorts with world class golf courses and most importantly plenty of history. Jersey City offers one of the best views in NJ while Trenton offers access to an incredible amount that includes museums

The “weekend getaways within 3 hours of me” is a list of the best weekend getaways in New Jersey. The list includes popular attractions, hotels, and other things to do.

This is not “Dirty Jersey,” despite the unjustified image that New Jersey has acquired. Although The Garden State may seem small, particularly in comparison to its neighbor New York, it is home to some incredible jewels. We believe you’ll be more than pleasantly pleased by these locations and activities, whether you’re a NYC resident searching for a break or something else is luring you to the state. Check out a few of New Jersey’s top weekend getaways.

New York City

Yes, the New York City they sing about in Guys and Dolls for its gambling fame. Consider this the Las Vegas of the east coast, except NJ has a Ferris wheel on the beach and lots of casinos. AC has undergone a rebirth in the last decade or so and has become a destination for the high-brow New York crowd, but there’s still plenty of affordable fun to be had. If you’re not interested in gambling you could take in some culture at the New York City Ballet, go round and round on the Ferris wheel as you and your sweetheart (or kids!) take in the view of the coastline, or stroll the boardwalk and enjoy the beach.


The home of Frank Sinatra, a few miles from New York, offers a distinctly Italian vibe, a lively nightlife, and a more affordable pricing than the nearby choices. The Path train will take New Yorkers without vehicles to one of the nearest short weekend getaways in NJ. Visit any of the several pubs in Hoboken, which has more bars per person than New York, or watch a performance while dining at Maxwell’s Tavern, the storied establishment featured in a Bruce Springsteen film. Everyone finds driving in Hoboken to be a hassle, including cab drivers. Consider going for a stroll whenever you can.


In Asbury Park

So good that Bruce Springsteen named an album after it, Asbury is the LGBTQ paradise calling itself the next Fire Island. Full of relics from the ’80s and still in the midst of revitalization, this City by the Sea got a new life when the community’s open mindset brought LGBTQ couples flocking to buy homes and start businesses. The city is home to the Stone Pony, made infamous on the tv show The Boss, which has been hosting legendary acts like The Violent Femmes and the Indigo Girls since it opened in 1974. In Asbury Park has also gained a name in recent years for its exquisite dining, so you’ll be well fed.


Cape May

Look no farther than the charming coastal town of Cape May if you’re seeking for a family-friendly alternative among the top weekend getaways in New Jersey. This town has attractions for both those traveling with children and those who are just trying to release their inner child. You should spend plenty of time at the beach at Wildwoods, one of the oldest resort communities in the nation, and set aside time to enjoy the amusement park. If you want to purchase a hotdog on the boardwalk and feel like a child again, be sure to swing by HotDog Tommy’s. Get a stay at the Sandpiper Beach Club for a fancy weekend getaway, then park your vehicle there while you explore the area on foot.



When you go to this remote village, you would think that time has stood still. Staying at one of the historic district’s Victorian manor bed and breakfasts is a great idea for a weekend escape in New Jersey during the winter. The Fudge Shoppe’s exquisite chocolates will satisfy your sweet appetite, while Lone Eagle Brewing’s beer will quench your thirst. Summer visitors may visit Schaefer Farm to see the animals and taste some regional cuisine. Fresh, regional goods may be found all across the city since Flemington serves as a center for local farmers.

Newark is an honorable mention.

There is a surprisingly large quantity of art and culture in Newark, which is also home to New Jersey’s largest airport. Due to the airport, there is obviously a major city vibe and a lot of bustle, but if you seek off the usual road, you can uncover some real jewels.

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