Big and Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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As a result of the growing demand for larger bathrooms, it can be difficult to find one that is suitable. Luckily though there are plenty of options out there for people who are willing to match their needs with what’s available in today’s market. The focus will always remain on practicality and functionality during any room remodeling project but may also sway towards more creative design ideas such as incorporating features like rain showers or soaking tubs into your new bathroom layout.

Small bathrooms typically have a shower layout, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate a tub for yourself. To make the most of your space, here are some small bathroom design ideas with showers and tubs.

We understand that you won’t redesign your bathroom every year to stay on top of the latest trends. However, it doesn’t follow that you can’t brighten up your area with some of the modern, new bathroom design trends of 2019. The main bathroom design ideas for this year will have you exercising your creative muscles with joy. Keep things interesting, add some new color, whatever inspires you.

It has dark paint.

The spa culture is a major source of inspiration for this year’s trends, which is evident in the influence of dark, seductive color schemes and black walls. Making your bathroom an experience instead than just practical is a radical departure from the norm. Because it will make bathrooms seem smaller, black paint may not be the best choice for tiny bathrooms. In such instance, use accents in dark hues to give your room a rich, opulent look. Bonus? If you’re seeking for eye-catching DIY bathroom design ideas that won’t break the bank, this is a terrific choice.


Make your shower renovation smooth.

Okay, sometimes you simply need a fresh shower. This year, floor-to-ceiling glass and, get this, no dam are the designers’ go-to materials for achieving the optically continuous appearance. Floor-to-ceiling glass appears lovely and bespoke because it often is, so this project is for those ready to commit. The result, though, is spectacular and will give your bathroom a feeling of incredible space.

In your powder room, make a statement.

You are now free to choose a striking print for your statement wall in the powder room thanks to the remarkable invention of stick-on wallpaper that is simply removed and altered. Large flower prints are becoming more popular. They complement other muted-toned walls and are a simple yet striking DIY home decoration. If you don’t want to dedicate a full wall, choose a statement piece of art to add some personality to your bathroom.


Put some character in your mirror.

Get those plain rectangular mirrors out of the way and make room for spectacular ones with rounded corners. The bathroom design ideas for 2019 are all about making utility and beauty coexist, as was already said. If you pick an intricate mirror, keep the rest of the vanity area more understated. A gorgeous mirror may actually transform a simple vanity into a piece of art. If you want to maintain a clean design but aren’t ready to go too creative, add a mirror with rounded corners and a narrow border.

Use your window as a vanity.

What is there to dislike? The view is stunning, the lighting is excellent, and there are several inventive methods to hang a mirror from the ceiling or hang a retractable arm mirror from a side wall. The only drawback? Plumbing isn’t often run through outside walls, so this may be a big undertaking. Another alternative is to keep your pedestal sink in place and put up a tiny vanity table next to the window.


Everything is in the air.

The time has come for floating vanities and toilets! If your property has the necessary structural support, mounting the toilet to the wall gives the impression of greater space in your bathroom by opening up the floor and creating a continuous sensation. If you’re ready to spend in the remodeling job, this might be a terrific little bathroom design concept. Designers predict that this one will endure.

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