6 Companies That Offer Cute and Affordable College Dorm Room Decor

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College is expensive, and that’s not just because the tuition. Actually, it might be impossible to afford a place in college if you don’t know where to start. But with these tips from our cheap dorm room decor experts at Cheap Habitats, you’ll always have an affordable new home away from home.

“Unique dorm decor” is a term that can be used to describe the items that are in college dorm rooms. These items are supposed to make the room feel like home, and they also help students get more organized.

Being able to do your own thing, live in a dorm, and decorate it whatever you want is one of the nicest things about leaving for college. Of course, you probably don’t have thousands, or even hundreds of dollars, put up for room decoration as a college student. So how do you fill your college dorm without breaking the bank? We searched the internet and discovered six outstanding businesses that provide adorable and reasonably priced college room décor. These are them:

1. Dormify

Dormify offers a wide range of essentials for daily life, including bedding, as well as hip wall art like black and white posters, decals, and mirrors of all different sizes. Additionally, you automatically get a 15% off discount when you sign up for newsletters from Dormify, and delivery is free on purchases over $75 on any order.

2. Dorm Co

Dorm Co is not for you if you desire beautiful, elegant, and upmarket furnishings for your college dorm room. The website’s collection of posters (think Bob Marley, Justin Bieber, etc.), DIY cork boards, signable wall canvases, and more will appeal to those who like pop culture and eccentric decorations. Additionally, you may get additional useful products like lights, bathroom essentials, and beds. Orders are sent within 24 hours or less, and delivery is $2.95 flat.

3. Target

Who hasn’t heard of and adored Target? However, you are now aware of its enormous assortment of college merchandise, which will have you searching for hours. In the past, you may have regarded of it as a location to buy toiletries and dog food. You may get everything you need online or shop in-store and save on delivery for printers, microwaves, bedding, towels, lamps, hangers, plastic drawers, wall hooks, and more. Additionally, Target consistently has fantastic discounts and specials.

4. Wayfair

Although Wayfair is recognized as a website for home decoration, it also has some excellent offers on college dorm room furnishings. There are several items there, including micro-fridges, storage, bedding, and closet organizers. In addition, Wayfair routinely discounts some of its best-selling items and gives free delivery on purchases of $49 or more.

5. College décor

This is the posh college student’s shopping site. College décor features beautiful, color-coordinated collections, quilts, coverlets, shams, rugs, drapery, monogrammed products, and more. While College décor is more expensive than the other sites, its products are high-quality and will likely see you through your entire college career and beyond.

6. Amazon

The beautiful thing about Amazon is that you can discover ten various variations of the same product, giving you the luxury of selecting the specific picture frame, lavender sheet color, etc., that you’ve been dreaming about. You also have the opportunity of looking around for the best pricing because to the wide range. Remember that free and quick shipping is available to Amazon Prime members.

How to Get Your Stuff to the Dorm

If you want to have your College décor all ready before you actually move into your dorm, you’ll be left with the task of transporting it all. If you’re moving locally and aren’t coming with furniture, driving by car should suffice. However, if you’re moving from far and have loads of stuff, you may be interested in hiring a moving service. If you’re not sure how to find reliable, trustworthy movers, comparing moving companies is a must. Once you’ve compared prices and reviews, you can make your decision, and just like that, your college career will be off to a great start.

In any event, before your move, be sure to adhere to our comprehensive college packing checklist.


The “dorm room collections” are designed to help you create a welcoming and homey feel in your college dorm room.

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