Comparison of National Moving Truck Rental Companies & Prices

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Moving is a stressful time, but it need not be as difficult or expensive if you do some research. With the help of this comparison chart, you’ll have a better idea about how to make your move go smoother and less costly. The “moving truck rental companies one-way” is a comparison of national moving truck rental companies and their prices. Reduced relocation expenses may be achieved by doing it yourself. A successful relocation depends on renting a truck from a reputable provider that can meet your unique demands at a reasonable price. Prior to starting any other moving-related duties, be sure to hire a moving truck online since doing so is highly advised. To guide you in the proper route, we compared three of the top truck rental businesses.


U-Haul is almost associated with DIY moving since it is the largest and most established company in the industry. With more than 15,000 outlets, it rents out by far the most trucks nationally. Numerous online reviews criticized the online reservation system for its flaws and cautioned users to watch out for things that may be automatically added to orders and potential changes in pick-up locations. You should also be aware that U-Haul offers $50 in compensation to clients whose reservation has to be modified because the required equipment wasn’t available or the schedule needed to be adjusted.

Average costs

  • Up to 50-mile local moves: $125
  • $50 to 250 mile move: $320
  • Over 250-mile long-distance move: $1053

Variety of Vehicle Types:

  • 10′, 15′, 17′, 20′, 24′, and 26′ trucks
  • Pickup trucks and cargo vans
  • automobile, utility, and cargo trailers
  • U-Box storage units

Insurance Alternatives

  • The most popular and simplest insurance program offered by U-Haul is Safemove. It safeguards your goods, the driver, and the passengers and releases you from liability for the majority of unintentional damage to the rental truck.
  • The same coverage as Safemove is included with Safemove Plus, in addition to a $1,000,000 liability coverage. Ask since it’s not accessible everywhere.
  • Waiver of Collision Damage There is no other way to hire a pickup truck or van locally. After the first $150, unintentional equipment damage is covered.
  • No protection Renting without buying further information is doable but very unwise.
For details on all protection plan exclusions and conditions, contact U-Haul.


Penske is renowned for its commitment to consumer safety and customer service. The company’s automobiles were in excellent condition, which was noted by several internet reviews. Penske, which is much smaller than U-Haul, collaborated with Home Depot to provide its clients additional pick-up and drop-off sites. Additionally, they are trying to be more environmentally friendly by taking part in the SmartWay Transport Partnership of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Average costs

  • Up to 50 mile local move: $192
  • Large relocation (more than 250 miles): $345
  • Over-the-range moving (more than 250 miles): $1193

Variety of Vehicle Types:

  • 12′, 16′, 22′, and 26′ trucks
  • Towing tools: a tow dolly and a vehicle container

Insurance Alternatives

  • LDW (Limited Damage Waiver) LDW releases you from liability for any unintentional damage to the vehicle or equipment, unless the damage was caused by inappropriate usage.
  • Personal Accident Protection (PAI) In the event of an accident, this plan protects the driver and other passengers while also providing for accidental death and medical expenses.
  • Additional Liability Coverage (SLI) In the event of an accident, SLI shields the renter and any authorized drivers against liability claims made by a third party.
  • Inventory is protected from loss or damage while in transit by cargo insurance (CAI). This plan does not cover damage that occurs while loading or unloading.
  • Damage to a vehicle while it is fastened to, being towed by, being unfastened from, or being moved by a Penske dolly or carrier is covered by towing insurance (TWI).
For details on all protection plan exclusions and conditions, contact Penske.


Budget is arguably best known for its automobile rental services, but did you know that they also provide moving truck rentals? The truck rental division of Budget maintains the company’s reputation for providing clients with a tighter budget through discounts and specials. Their website is intuitively simple to use, and their customer support is courteous and knowledgable.

Average costs

  • Up to 50-mile local moves cost $156. 50 to 250 mile move: $255 Over 250-mile long-distance move: $920

Variety of Vehicle Types:

  • 12- to 24-foot trucks
  • Towing tools: a tow dolly and a vehicle container

Insurance Alternatives

  • Damage Waivers (PDW and LDW) shield the renter from certain financial obligations in the event that the rental truck and towing equipment are lost or damaged. A Limited Damage Waiver (LDW) covers loss and damage beyond the first $500, but a Physical Damage Waiver (PDW) absolves you of all liability for any loss or damage.
  • Additional Liability Coverage (SLI) The SLI plan offered by Budget offers defense against third-party claims of injury to persons or property. Not every location has this option.
  • Personal Accident & Cargo Insurance (PAC) Protects the renter and passengers in case of injury and covers loss and damage to the cargo.
  • Highway Assistance This package offers roadside services including tire replacement, lockout assistance, glass damage repair, and fuel delivery that are not included by the basic plan.
For details on all protection plan exclusions and conditions, contact Budget. Have you ever used these companies to hire a moving truck? Let us know about your experience in the comments! Check out this page to get the complete picture on how much a DIY relocation will really cost you. Does-Your-Building-Require-a-COI-A-Step-by-Step-Guide The “enterprise truck rental” is a company that provides moving services for large-scale companies and corporations. The company offers various types of trucks and other equipment to meet the needs of its customers.

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