Cost of Living in the 5 Best Neighborhoods for Families in Atlanta

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Where to live in Atlanta can be a difficult decision. Some people may have the budget for an expensive neighborhood and others may not. But everyone agrees that you should move with your family, so here are 5 of the best neighborhoods near major metro areas that offer low cost of living but still plenty to do nearby.,

The “best places to live in atlanta for families” are the 5 best neighborhoods for families. These areas have a high quality of life, low crime rates, and great schools.

Unquestionably, one of the most crucial choices you will have to make while relocating a great distance is the area to live in, particularly if you have kids. Excellent schools, parks, and recreational opportunities are a requirement, as are pleasant people, safe streets, and short commutes to work. But how can you research Atlanta’s top Neighborhoods before relocating there? Before scheduling a long distance move, read our guide to Atlanta’s top 5 family-friendly Neighborhoods.

1. Districts of Plantation Hills and Buckhead

24.2% are family households 48.5% are family households with children Plantation Hills is one of the smallest Neighborhoods on this list and has a warm, tight-knit community vibe one seldom finds in large metro areas. Many of its residents are active in numerous civic associations: Plantation Hills Civic Association, Plantation Hills Neighborhood Foundation, and Plantation Hills Pool & Park Association, to name just a few. If your family leads an active lifestyle this Neighborhood will be a perfect fit, with a community pool, several parks, and a rec center. In the summertime, the pool is where the action is, and it’s a great place for your kids to burn some energy and meet new friends. The Neighborhood is close to Atlanta International School and Pace Academy, two of the city’s best private schools, but it also ranks high for excellent public schools like Plantation Hills Elementary and Westminster schools- read more about finding great schools in this blog post. And with easy, 5-minute access to the Buckhead business district, Plantation Hills makes the work commute and access to Downtown quick and painless.

2. Buckhead North

34.2% are family households 41.9% are family households with children Atlanta’s fourth most populous Neighborhood is located near Plantation Hills but offers more housing options, with greater availability of condos and apartments. If you’re thinking of buying a house in Atlanta, Buckhead North will provide you with a greater variety than many other areas. Active families will enjoy its proximity to Park Chastain, Blue Heron Nature Preserve, and Mountain Way Common and YMCA’s sports facilities and soccer fields in nearby Sandy Springs. A 5-mile multi-use path runs through the center of the Neighborhood along GA-400, perfect for biking, jogging or skating. Excellent education options also abound with multiple Blue Ribbon schools like Sarah Rawson Smith Elementary, Sutton Middle School, and North Atlanta High School and the aforementioned Pace Academy and Atlanta International School. Emory Business School and the Art Institute of Atlanta are also located here, and many Buckhead North residents enjoy the cultural offerings of “Evenings at Emory”. Most commuters have a quick drive to work — between 10 and 30 minutes — and with lots of restaurants, entertainment opportunities, and even gyms right nearby, you won’t need to worry about commuting into Downtown.

3. Richmond Highlands

34% are family households 42.8% are family households with children This unique Neighborhood, known by locals as VaHi, boasts a historic feel and a thriving commercial scene. It is highly pedestrian, with walkable blocks connecting the Neighborhood’s four commercial centers in which you can easily find everything your family needs, from shops to gyms to restaurants. VaHi has a few parks and playgrounds and is located near to Piedmont Park- 5 minutes away by car and 15 minutes by foot. Nature loving families will enjoy the Neighborhood’s public arboretum, comprised of trees on the property of local residents, which you can tour with information downloaded from the Neighborhood’s Civic Association. Public schools in the area include Springdale Park Elementary, Inman Middle, and Grady High School. There are also several private schools nearby, including renowned Paideia. Richmond Highlands is less than 5 minutes away from Downtown, 7 minutes from the Emory University Campus, and less than 20 minutes to Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, and has easy access to several major interstates.

4. Urban Decatur

48% of households are families. household families with children make up 26.8%. Decatur is the ideal location for many families because to its distinctive blend of city life and small town charm. The year-round events and activities foster a dynamic atmosphere and a feeling of collective identity. There is never a boring time here either because to the abundance of parks, public swimming pools, and other sporting venues. Oakhurst Elementary, Clairemont Elementary, and Decatur High School are just a few of the public and private schools in Decatur that have continuously been regarded as some of the finest in the state. The distance between Downtown Decatur and Downtown Atlanta is 15 minutes by car, and numerous interstates (I-75, I-20, and I-285) are also nearby. Decatur is also relatively accessible by public transit with to its three MARTA stations.

5. Park Chastain

42% are family households 34% are family households with children Park Chastain is Atlanta’s most affluent Neighborhood and the country’s 9th richest zip code and as such has very impressive recreational facilities including a horse park, tennis center, and pool. The Neighborhoods regularly hosts community events, concerts, and festivals and is the home to Northside Youth Organization. The Neighborhood’s choice of school is also top notch, with great public schools like Warren T. Jackson Elementary and Sutton Middle School and charter schools like Ridgeview Charter and Riverwood International Charter. Park Chastain is located about 5 to 7 minutes away from the Buckhead business district, less than 10 minutes from the interstate (I-285 and GA 400) and less than 35 minutes from Atlanta Hartsfield Airport.

NeighborhoodAnnual Household Median IncomeMonthly Median RentTo Buy: 3 Bedroom House
Urban Decatur$74,465$770$350,000 and up
Plantation Hills$65,566$925$350,000 and up
Richmond Highlands$96,441$932$450,000 and up
Buckhead North$93,212$1114$550,000 and above
Park Chastain$155,958$1019$600,000 and up

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The “best neighborhoods in atlanta to buy a house” is an article that gives a list of the best neighborhoods for families in Atlanta.

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