Day or Night: Thing to Do in Columbia, South Carolina

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Nightlife and entertainment are a big part of the cultural experience in Columbia, South Carolina. From bars to dance clubs, there’s no shortage of places for people to get their night on. But if you’re planning your trip or vacation around when it is dark out all day, here is what else you can do with time off from your daytime activities.

The “fun things to do in columbia, sc for couples” is something that every couple should try at least once. It’s a great way to get out of the house and explore the city.

Fun in Columbia is available at all times of the day. There are a ton of attractions in this state capital, both during the day and at night. See this list of enjoyable activities in Columbia:

Enjoy Your Day Off

Obtain Culture

Culture and art enthusiasts will discover that Columbia provides a wealth of possibilities to experience and appreciate these exquisite delights. The biggest museum in the state is the South Carolina State Museum, which is situated in the heart of Columbia along a lovely riverside. It recognizes South Carolina’s rich and intriguing history while telling the state’s narrative via a variety of interesting displays. A collection of South Carolina artwork, an overview of the local natural history, and a whole floor devoted to regional advances in science and technology are all on display. For those who like art, a trip to the Columbia Museum of Art is a must. Its more than 25 galleries include collections of works from all around the world and throughout history. Works by Claude Monet, Edward Hopper, and Andy Warhol are among the priceless gems. Along with a children’s program, the museum also provides adult art courses, seminars, and tours. Families shouldn’t pass up the chance to take their children to the EdVenture Children’s Museum, where they can explore eight distinct galleries filled with engaging, instructive hands-on learning opportunities on topics ranging from the glories of cooking to the miracle of flying.

Go on a hike

One of the states in the US with the highest biological diversity is South Carolina, which is a nature lover’s paradise. You may enjoy a wonderful day at any time of year by taking a leisurely stroll along the lovely Riverwalk, hiking the urban Palmetto Trail, or experiencing the great outdoors on the paths of Sesquicentennial State Park or Congaree River Park.

Examine the past

Not everything here is natural. The South Carolina State Museum does a good job of portraying South Carolina’s lengthy and intriguing history, which included a significant part in the Civil War. Visit the Civil War museum to find out more about this fascinating chapter in the history of the country and check out the state house to see where it was struck by six cannons. An excursion to Charleston for the day will allow you to delve even deeper into the state’s history.

Go to the zoo

One of the greatest and most beautiful zoos in the country is Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. It draws over 1 million people a year and is home to over 2,000 gorgeous creatures from all over the globe. With more than 4,000 native and exotic species, the stunning botanical garden blooms all year long. It also offers a 3-acre interactive children’s garden. The entire family may enjoy the wonder of the natural world by spending a day at Riverbanks; the flowers will motivate you to improve your garden, and the overall beauty will lift your spirits after a demanding week. It is also a historical location, with Civil War-era structures still standing in different places all throughout the grounds.


After dark, party hard

Place of travel: The Vista

Columbia’s nightlife is hopping, particularly at the Vista. Some of the top bars in the city can be found in this upmarket area. These Vista establishments are guaranteed to liven up your evening. Jazz it up in Rust (don’t forget your tie), take in a live performance at Hush, and chow down on wine and tapas at Gervais and Vine.

Five Points will be reached.

While the Vista is fancy and more high-end, Five Points is where Columbia’s college town spirit is most prevalent. University of South Carolina students attends the area’s lively bars and restaurants by the hordes, making it the perfect neighborhood for a party. Cover 3 is always packed, Delaney’s Music Pub & Eatery offers Irish fun (St. Patrick’s day, every day) and Moosehead Saloon has a mechanical bull. What more could you possibly wish for?


Given that residents of Columbia are renowned for being outgoing, amiable, and fun-loving, it is not surprising that karaoke is one of the city’s most popular nocturnal diversions. One of the best joys life has to offer is screaming out your favorite songs to a room full of friends and strangers when slightly to wildly inebriated, whether you’re a secret Barbra or the worst vocalist in the world. You may sing your heart out in a variety of Asian languages, including Korean and Tagalog, as well as in English, of course, at Tsubaki’s, the city’s oldest true karaoke bar, while indulging in traditional hors d’oeuvres like chicken wings and shrimp cocktail. At Uncle Fester’s or Art Bar, karaoke nights are also sometimes held.

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