Donating Furniture? Charity Organization that Will Pick up Your Stuff

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Are you planning on moving and want to donate your furniture? There are many charitable organizations that will pick up the pieces, but what makes one charity stand out from another? What other items should be donated with this request?

The “will salvation army pick up heavy furniture” is a charity organization that will pick up your stuff. You can donate the furniture to them and they will give you a receipt for it.

Sometimes leaving furniture in place is the easiest course of action when relocating it to a new site. Purchasing new furniture to beautify a new house may be wonderful, and heck, sometimes it even ends up costing more to have the long distance movers haul all of your old things. 

In any event, giving unwanted home things to charity is a fantastic way to get rid of them, and there are many of organizations around the nation that will be happy to take your furniture off your hands. Many of them will even make arrangements for free pickup, leaving you with a contribution receipt you may use as tax deduction. Why then wouldn’t you give?

Here is a list of businesses in your area that will take secondhand furniture. Before choosing where to donate furniture, consider if you need that service. Some of them provide free furniture collection, while others do not.

With more than a century of service to communities all around the United States and Canada, Goodwill has come to be seen as the definition of “thrift shop” by many. The funds earned are used to assist the store’s staff, many of whom are taking advantage of the organization’s job training program, as well as to support other training and educational initiatives in the neighborhood. 

Gently used household items, clothes, furniture, books, toys, appliances, shoes, and more are all acceptable.

People with disabilities, the elderly, people with little schooling, and people without much work experience may all obtain job training and employment via Goodwill. Since it was founded more than a century ago, this charity has established itself as a go-to place in many neighborhoods for those in need of deeply reduced products. 

Plan a pickup: Goodwill is one of the leading organizations that picks up items free of charge and has more than 2,700 collection sites in North America. Find one near you using the Goodwill Locator on their website, then call to see if local store provides pickup.


Samaritan Army

With more than 7,000 outlets around the country, there is probably one close to you. The facility closest to you will nevertheless provide free furniture pickup even if it has a visible storefront. 

What they will accept: Almost anything, provided it is in good shape. Household goods, clothing, furniture, appliances, you name it — the Samaritan Army near you can find your stuff a new home.

This organization’s aid: SA offers assistance to elderly people, at-risk kids, recovering addicts, those who have been the victim of human trafficking, and those affected by natural disasters. During the Christmas season, it also gives families in need food and toys.

Schedule a pickup: Visit the Samaritan Army website, enter your zip code, and follow the scheduling process. You don’t even have to be home for the truck to remove your old furniture (and other stuff) as long as it is clearly marked!


Residence for Humanity

To support their widely-known homebuilding and renovation projects, Residence for Humanity runs their ReStores. There they sell gently-used furniture, appliances, and building materials to the public. 

What they will accept: Although allowed products differ across shop locations, ReStores primarily concentrate on furnishings, appliances, and construction supplies. Clothing is not accepted. 

This organization’s aid: The group and its volunteers construct and renovate houses using the money from sales to assist low-income families in getting back on their feet. They provide house building, community redevelopment, financial education, and catastrophe relief.

Plan a pickup: ReStores do provide free furniture removal, but it may only happen once a week or more often depending on the store closest to you. Find a ReStore store near you via the internet, then give them a call and ask whether they provide pick-up for your stuff.

America’s Vietnam Veterans

The America’s Vietnam Veterans organization’s mission is to ensure all U.S. military vets receive quality healthcare, financial readiness education, and support navigating claims. The charity operates thrift stores across the country to fund these efforts, and is another one of the national charities that will pick up furniture donations for free. 

Almost everything is acceptable to them. They are now looking for contributions of gently worn clothing for adults, children, and even babies, but they will also accept furniture, equipment, appliances, and even your old car.

Veterans and their family may get aid with health claims, PTSD/substance abuse, education, homelessness, mental health, unresolved POW/MIA cases, and more thanks to this foundation.

Visit the VVA website to identify a location close to you and arrange a pickup. The item may be moved outdoors (weather allowing) if you won’t be home on the day of the collection, and the driver will even give you a donation receipt.

The Arc

Items contributed to The Arc, a national organization that promotes and supports people with disabilities, are utilized to assist people’s independence and integrated life in the community. Although they have sites all around the country, not all of them are set up to handle the gift of tangible objects.

What they will accept varies greatly depending on where you are. If you want to give a vehicle, the national program will assist with logistics; however, some regions only accept donations of old furniture or other goods. To find out what they need, speak with your regional representative.

This organization’s aid: The Arc actively supports the inclusion and involvement of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the community in order to advance and defend their human rights. They do this via a variety of services, including transportation assistance, future planning, and support for the criminal justice system.

To arrange a pickup, go to The Arc’s website, discover your local chapter, and get in touch with them to ask whether they now take physical gifts. 

Unless it can be given,

Sometimes you simply don’t have the chance to give all you want to get rid of. Consider putting your old furniture up for sale on Craigslist, adding it to Facebook Marketplace, or contacting nearby community centers to see if they would be interested in it if you can’t locate suitable charity that will take up furniture donations. 

The “donations that pick up” is a charity organization that will pick up your stuff. It’s a great way to donate and get rid of junk.

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