Flat Rate Moving Prices and Estimates Explained!

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Moving prices and estimates are the two things you should be most aware of when it comes to picking a mover. Here’s how they work, why they exist, what factors affect them, and whether or not you need one in your move.

Moving companies are notorious for charging more than the estimated price. Here, we break down flat rate moving prices and estimates so that you can see what to expect. Read more in detail here: movers charging more than estimated.

One of the reasons some individuals experience such frustration when attempting to hire movers and organize a relocation is because they are unfamiliar with the terminology. You may come across a few terminology that you are just unfamiliar with while speaking to movers or attempting to understand a contract they want you to sign. It may be nearly as difficult to grasp the words as attempting to purchase a home or understand life insurance. While you are not need to grasp every word, there are a few that you will be glad you did.


This phrase is used by almost all relocation companies. An estimate is a price that is given based on a few distinct variables but is flexible. An estimate is not anything that is real. Even if having one could help you plan your budget for your relocation, you must be ready to spend extra. Since moving estimates are often issued over the phone, unless you let them know, the mover won’t know how many big or bulky goods you have or if you reside on the 20th floor of a tall building.


The majority of individuals mistake estimates for quotations, and some even think they are the same thing. A quotation is a defined price offer, as opposed to an estimate, which is based on a hunch. This pricing is final once accepted.

Accurate Pricing

All of the services you are asking are included in this guaranteed pricing. It resembles a quotation quite a bit. However, if you are having them pack and deconstruct major things, a moving company might provide you with a cost for the relocation as well as an estimate for packing materials and services. Everything is included in an exact price, so you know there will be no further charges.

Flat Rate

No matter what roadblocks you encounter along the route, a flat charge is the cost of the complete transfer. It is not your responsibility if moving your piano takes five hours because the door frame has to be taken out and there are issues entering the elevator. Regardless of whether it takes an hour or all day, you will pay the same amount.

Daily Rate

Many people think movers that charge an Daily Rate are the cheapest, but they’re not. If a company gives you an estimate that the move should take about two hours, you can typically plan on it taking four. Plus, they start the clock when they leave the facility, so you are paying for them to drive to your house, and when they stop to grab coffee on the way to your new place and tell you they were stuck in traffic, you are still paying!

Total Price

This is often calculated by figuring the cubic feet of merchandise and adding any extra costs related to stairs, packing, etc. It is also known as the “cost of move.”

A flight fee

There is no connection between this and flying. It is a fee for moves that include a lot of steps. Some movers charge for even one flight, but the majority of ethical movers include one flight and charge for anything after that.

In conclusion. Moving is a stressful process, so it goes without saying that you should do your homework and choose a reliable provider. Keep your relocation stress-free by reading our blog article about moving scams for more information.

When you are trying to find a moving company, it is important to know what the “binding quote meaning” is. The binding quote means that you will be charged the full amount of your estimate if the move does not happen. This prevents customers from getting ripped off by moving companies who may give them a low estimate and then raise their prices after they have already moved in.

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Christina Brown

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