Step by Step Guide on How to Fold Shirts For Packing

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how to fold shirts for packing

Packing for a move can be really hectic, but that can’t stop you from moving. Or can it? If you plan to move, you will need to pack your items decently, including your clothes. So, if you don’t know how to fold shirts for packing, we shall guide you through the steps.

In this guide, we plan to talk about the steps you can use when folding shirts. When packing, you need to save as much space as possible. This means you should fold your clothes correctly.

Packing well ensures you save space and minimize the number of luggage you will have to move. There are many packing tips you may like to consider; feel free to check them out. Also, if you are wondering how to do anything while packing for a move, we got you.

Let us now get into the main point and discuss the methods you can use to fold your shirts.

How To Fold Shirts For Packing

Folding is the most popular packing technique. It is common, and almost everyone uses it after doing laundry. When you fold shirts, you end up with many rectangular shapes arranged on each other.

Folding, especially when moving, comes with a lot of advantages. Let’s have a look before we go through the process.

Pros of Folding

i) If you plan to unpack immediately and put the clothes in the wardrobe, this is the best method. Then, when your clothes are already folded, you don’t need to repeat the process after unpacking. All you have t do is unpack and arrange them in the wardrobe, which is time-saving.

ii) It’s the ideal method for packing similar items. This is because you can fold and store them together in one carton, making them occupy specific boxes for easy assembly and organization.

iii) Selecting the outfit for the day is easier if you fold your clothes. This is because you simply have to select the already folded clothes from their specific areas and put them in one place.

Cons of Folding Clothes

i) If you have different size clothes and want to store them in one place, folding may not be the best method. This is because folding consumes more space than most other methods.

ii) Folding can also lead to creases on clothes. So, if you use this method when storing your clothes, you will be forced to iron them before wearing them.

Step by Step Guide on How to Fold Shirts for Packing

Step One: Button it Up

First, you will need to find a working area. This can be a flat surface on the bed or an ironing board. Once you have a nice clean working area, button up your shirt.

Button up the shirt before folding

Image: Freepik

Buttoning helps prevent creases in transit. Also, a well-buttoned shirt gives better results and is easier to fold.

Step Two: Spread the Shirt

Next, flip the shirt over and spread it neatly on your working surface. Finally, spread the shirt flat with the back facing up, and ensure it is evenly spread to avoid creases.

Step Three: Fold the Sleeves

In the third step, you need to fold the sleeves of your shirt diagonally. To do so, place your finger on the neckline by the collar, then take the left sleeve diagonally till it reaches the center of your shirt.


Image: YouTube

Ensure about a third of the front part is folded over the back. Repeat the process with the other sleeve. Keep them neat and evenly spread.

Step Four: Fold the Sleeves Back Up

In this step, place a finger on one shoulder and grab its sleeve’s cuff. Then, fold the cuff back diagonally to align with that sleeve’s shoulder.

V-shaped pattern for a neatly folded shirt

Image: Business Today

Do the same for the second sleeve. Again, try to achieve a flat V-shaped pattern to make it look neat and avoid creases.

Step Five: Fold the Length of the Shirt

fold the shirt dress shirt twice

Image: The Spruce

Use both hands to grab the tail end of the shirt, then fold it to the collar. If it is a long dress shirt, aim for two folds. On the other hand, aim for one fold if it is a shorter shirt.

Step Six: Flip and Smooth

Once your shirt is well-buttoned, flip it up, so the buttons face the upper side.

How to fold a shirt neatly for packing

Once you have a nicely folded shirt, smooth out all creases and lace it gently in the suitcase or your carton.

Packing Techniques

Did you know that there are other packing techniques besides folding? Yes, you can use other methods to pack your carton or suitcase while moving or traveling.

I’d like us to look into these other methods of packing.

a) Rolling

Rolling is another technique for packing cloches. It is one of the common methods used when space is limited. If you are packing for moving, you can also use this method as it minimizes the use of space.

roll and pack clothes to save on space

Image: Crafted Travel Company

Rolling clothes means tightly rolling them and packing them as rolls, just as the name suggests.

Pros of Rolling Clothes

i) This is the ideal packing technique when you have a lot of clothes to pack. It saves space, and you can pack many clothes in a small bag or suitcase.

ii) It is suitable when packing clothes in a backpack or cubes.

iii) Most clothes can be rolled without creasing. Such clothes include anything with polyester or lycra elements like t-shirts, shirts, pants, and even undergarments. You can roll socks and hold them with a rubber band.

Cons of Rolling Clothes

i) Rolling is time-consuming. If you don’t have the time, you can easily pick clothes you have already folded and pack them. On the other hand, rolling clothes takes more time and not he best method to use when packing hurriedly.

ii) If you do not roll clothes well, you can have many creases and wrinkles. To ensure that all your clothes reach their destination without wrinkles, you will have to roll them keenly and without hurry.

b) Bundling

When packing for a move, you must pack all your clothes. So, you will need a great packing technique to save space; try bundling.

Bundling clothes for packing to prevent wrinkles

Image: TODAY

Bundling is also a good method when packing clothes prone to creasing. So, you can avoid wrinkles by bundling your clothes instead.

Bundling includes arranging and folding all the clothes, one at a time. You can check out this short clip for a clear illustration.

Pros of Bundling

i) As already mentioned, bundling is space-saving. It is appropriate for packing many clothes when the packing space is limited.

ii) Suitable for packing clothes of different sizes. Do you know why? Because you can wrap the small ones with the bigger ones, ensuring all are well folded.

iii) Like the folding method, bundling prevents creases on clothes. If you have clothes that crease easily, how about you try this pacing technique?

iv) Bundling ensures you have your clothes in one place. It also keeps your bag neat.

Cons of Bundling

i) Imagine all your clothes are stuck together, but you need the shirt in the middle of the bundle. You will have to remove all the clothes on top of the ones you want. This creates a mess. It also gives a different task of having to fold the clothes all over again.

So, it is not best if you will need to wear those clothes before unpacking. Also, unless you have all your outfits arranged in the order you will wear them, you will have to unpack daily to get clothes at the center of the bundle.

ii) If you have a lot to pack, expect your result to be bulky. Bundling a large number of clothes will make your storage box look bulky. They may also not fit nicely in the box.

c) Vacuum Packing

Vacuum packing is ideal if you have irregular and space-consuming items like sweaters. This method of packing includes squeezing the air out of the luggage, making them occupy minimal space.

vacuum packing; great packing technique for saving space

Image: 21OAK

You can save three times more space, making the method great for packing many items. Using the method also ensures you will not have to carry many bags with you. Instead, one bag will carry many items as it saves up to three times the space.

If you want to vacuum pack, you can use shrink film as it works perfectly for the job. If you feel that folding clothes and packing is tiresome and time-consuming, you can get help. With our packing and crating services, you can relax as we do the work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Fold Shirts for Packing

1) Does folding clothes save space?

Folding clothes makes them look neat and organized. Additionally, folding them saves space compared to leaving them unfolded. Once you fold your clothes, you can easily arrange or pack them in an organized way.

2) How do you unwrinkle a shirt without heat?

If you do not have an iron and your shirt is wrinkled, you can still remove the wrinkles using this method.

i) Place the shirt on a flat surface

ii) Dampen a clean towel and place it on top of your wrinkled shirt.

iii) Gently press down on the towel with your hands. Try using a heavy book if it does not work as you would like. Repeat the process until the wrinkles are reduced.

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