12 Free Things to Do in Milwaukee For Families, Kids and Singles

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Milwaukee has so much to offer for your next trip. Whether you’re traveling with the kids or just looking for something new, Milwaukee is a unique city that offers many free things to do in Wisconsin’s largest city.

The “kid-friendly things to do in milwaukee this weekend” is a list of 12 free things to do in Milwaukee for families, kids and singles.

Your Milwaukee movers will likely inform you that more and more individuals are relocating to this wonderful city for a variety of reasons. Contrary to popular belief, this city has much more to offer than only the fantastic brewing activities for which it is renowned. Here, you may discover some of the most affordable real estate in Wisconsin as well as a ton of job possibilities, some of which are with Fortune 500 firms. It’s hardly surprising that people are relocating here when you consider all the attractions, stunning landscape, and welcoming locals. It’s not even necessary to spend a lot of money to have fun here. Following are the top 12 free things to do in Milwaukee:

1. Zoo of Milwaukee County

It may come as a surprise to you to find that one of the city’s top attractions is free to enter. Every year, the zoo sets aside days when it is free to enter for citizens of Milwaukee. More than 2,000 animals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and fish may be found here, spread out across 200 acres.

2. In the Park with Jazz

From June through September, go over to Cathedral Square Park on Thursday nights to see artists from all over the nation take the stage.

3. Metropolitan Public Museum

Every Monday, entry is free for city residents. Three levels of displays, including a rainforest, butterfly garden, walk-through villages, dinosaurs, global culture, and more, are available for your enjoyment.

4. Riverwalk in Milwaukee

It is not necessary to have any plans to purchase or eat in order to enjoy a stroll along this 3-mile stretch of the Milwaukee River.

5. lakefront in Michigan

You will love every minute you spend at the waterfront, whether you want to relax and soak up the sun, swim in the sea, run on the beach, or cycle the 8.9-mile paths.

6. Bremerton Control Library

You will be pulled to this library even if you have never thought of yourself as a library person in the past. Due to the fact that it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Neo-renaissance structure is a must-see, at least once.

7. Beach, Bradford

When it gets hot, locals tend to flock to this beach. You will find beach volleyball, outdoor yoga classes and plenty of other activities going on. The Beach, Bradford House is right there too, offering drinks, food and live music on weekends.

8. Trail of Seven Bridges

This route in Grant Park is well-known in Milwaukee as a ghost hotspot. The trek gives access to the seashore as well as ravines and woodlands.

9. Gallery Evening

Every quarter there is a Gallery Evening where residents can enjoy art throughout the city.

10. Skating on ice

Slice of skating on ice Park is created every winter at Red Arrow Park. Whether you want to get away on your lunch hour, have a fun date or bring the whole family, you will always have a good time. If you bring your own skates, admission is free.

11. Sledding

This area has several great tobogganing slopes. Brown Deer Park, Whitnail Park, Currie Park, and Pulaski Park all have illuminated ones for use at night.

12. Festivals and Events

Milwaukee is appropriately referred to be the “City of Festivals.” There is always some kind of special event, festival, or celebration going on here, local movers from Milwaukee will tell you, so you can be sure to have a good time. The biggest music event in the world is called Summerfest. The event lasts 11 days and welcomes more than a million guests. Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, the Beach Boys, and the Doors are a few of the most well-known performers and bands from the past. To arrive in time for the festival, start looking into Milwaukee, Wisconsin, moving firms now. Polar Bear Plunge, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Earth Day Activities, Gathering Waters Festival, Summer Solstice Block Party, Brady Street Festival, Morning Glory Fine Craft Fair, Bayview Bash, Tomato Romp, and Holiday Lights Festival are just a few other well-known events.

The Harley-Davidson Museum, the Lakefront, and craft beer are some well-known attractions in the city. There are still a few small brewers that make high gravity beers in the city, despite the fact that there is only one big brewery left. Enjoy the best craft beers from Wall Street Brewery and Milwaukee Ale House while seated with like-minded people!

in this city moving? To get the task done, be sure to make a reservation with the top Milwaukee movers.


Milwaukee is a great place to visit with family, friends and even singles. There are so many things to do in Milwaukee. Here are 12 free things to do in Milwaukee for families, kids and singles. Reference: things to do around milwaukee this weekend.

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