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The “iconic houses from tv shows” is a website which provides information on the homes of your favorite TV show characters. It includes a list of their house’s locations, as well as photos and descriptions of the houses.

If you have a favorite television program, chances are likely that you are familiar with the main characters’ homes as if they were your own. Ever ponder the whereabouts of the notorious house? While they sometimes consist just of a set designed to resemble a house, for the most part they are real houses that you can drive past and view. Here are a few well-liked picks.


Dating in the City

Carrie Bradshaw’s well-known apartment is located in the show at 245 E. 73rd Street, which is situated between Park and Madison. The actual apartment is located at 66 Perry St. Why wasn’t 73rd Street’s flat utilized? That’s simple; there are no stoops! Without those steps to sit on, it would just not be the same. A rookie writer with a shoe addiction would never be able to pay the price of an actual rental of this size on 73rd Street, which would be close to $3,000 per month.



The Entourage seventh season employed a 9,000 square foot Tucson-style mansion that radiated luxury. Fans adored every every inch of Vincent Chase’s mansion, which included seven bedrooms, eight baths made of polished marble, and seven fireplaces. Of course, the waterfall and pool with mosaic tiles were the highlights. In 2012, the mansion was put up for sale for $5.75 million, although it only brought in around $4.2 million. That house was undoubtedly a terrific buy for someone!



Because Jerry Seinfeld’s flat served as the primary location for the majority of the nine seasons’ episodes, viewers quickly became used to the Upper West Side location. Though his address in the program was 129 West 81st Street, most people are unaware that the apartment was really utilized at 757 New Hampshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The streets in California and New York City are very similar to one another. His mismatched furnishings and two-toned walls were irresistible. It had obviously been decorated by a man.


90210 Beverly Hills

This well-known seaside home can be easily recognized from a mile away because to its blue awnings and white decks. This was the least expensive off-campus housing Donna, Kelly, and David could find? You’ll need to go to Hermosa Beach to locate this Venice Beach apartment if you want to view it. In 2011, the storied building was put up for sale for $9 million. For over $700 per night, you may now book a room here to stay while on vacation.



It is fortunate that Monica and Rachel were able to move into Grandma Geller’s hand-me-down, rent-controlled apartment since else they would not have been able to afford such a large home. This was the Greenwich Village apartment number 20 at Friend’s. This apartment is really located in Greenwich Village at the intersection of Bedford and Grove. Although the realism is appreciated, Grandma was able to give her granddaughter this condo for $200 a month when one in this location would cost roughly $4,000.


Triple-C Company

For many fans, discovering this housing complex has been like finding a needle in a haystack. On the episode, Jack, Janet, and Crissy occupied apartment 201 at Santa Monica, California’s Roper Apartment House. Although the program was produced on a set, numerous episodes including the opening credits feature a real structure. The building was discovered a few years ago, however it is definitely not an apartment complex. It was initially constructed in 1925 and is a single family, 3,204 square foot, four bedroom, two bathroom house. Nearly the same as it does now.


Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue is the fictional apartment complex on Melrose Avenue. However the building’s actual name is El Pueblo Apartments, and it is located in Los Feliz at 4616 Greenwood Place. It still looks the same today, only minus Sydney, Jane, Alison, Michael, Jake, and of course, Amanda.

The “famous tv show home addresses” is a blog that gives you the address of your favorite TV show’s homes.

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