How Many Calories Can I Burn Moving

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If you are pushing a heavy couch or similar, it will take you approximately 22 minutes to walk 3 miles. If the average person uses 1 gallon of gas per day and travels 5 miles round trip, that would equal 20 gallons of fuel for one week.

The “how many calories do you burn doing hard labor” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer to the question is different for every person, but a general answer would be that it depends on how much weight you are carrying and how fast you are moving.

When preparing for a relocation, many individuals experience a diet slump. They believe that since they are a little bit more busy, they can just go for chips or order a pizza instead of making nutritious meals and snacks. All of this does is cause fluctuations in your blood sugar. Not to add, you could believe you can miss the morning run and the evening yoga session since you are “temporarily” eating poorly.

It’s not necessary to be like this. You’ll continue to eat well and work out as long as you have the appropriate attitude. In fact, participating in activities relevant to your move may help you burn an astounding number of calories. That is, if you don’t sit down at every opportunity. As you get ready for Dispatch Day, put on a moving playlist, click shuffle, and burn a few extra calories.

Small Boxes and Item Packing and Lifting

When you pack up your kitchen and decide what to give and pack out of your closet, you could be pleasantly surprised at how many calories you burn. The typical female burns 120 calories during a 30-minute power packing workout when you concentrate on remaining in one area, whereas the average guy burns 150 calories. But let’s face it, if you’re a woman rummaging through your closet, chances are excellent that you’re trying on a lot of items to determine if you should retain them. This additional effort should burn as many calories as the males, right?

Walking while Packing

If you are like many, staying focused in one room is a struggle, and your packing session will be at least an hour at a time. After all, if you are going to break a sweat, you might as well make it worth your while, right? Well, a female Walking while Packing from one room to the next will burn approximately 270 calories an hour. A male is closer to 330 calories.

Paperwork and the Tour

This also burns calories, whether you are going to look at apartments and fill out applications, or if you are closing on a home and signing a ton of paperwork. A minimum of 45 minutes must be allotted for walking (usually much more), and 20 minutes must be allotted for paperwork. In this situation, women burn around 245 calories while men burn about 310.

Sweeping and cleaning

You will burn a ton of calories whether you are power cleaning your old house in the hopes of receiving most or all of your security deposit back or thoroughly cleaning your new property before you unpack. If you estimate that cleaning will take at least two hours, you will burn 720 calories for men and 600 calories for women.

Dispatch Day

On Dispatch Day you will do a little of everything. Just for the sake of creating an example, this sample day consists of four hours of packing and lifting light items and boxes, three hours of walking, two hours of cleaning, 20 minutes of paperwork, and 30 minutes of eating pizza (yes, eating burns calories). The average female will burn 2,510 calories while a male will be around 3,100 calories. Of course, you will probably work from the crack of dawn until late at night so these numbers can easily double. If you notice, none of these estimates even include doing any heavy lifting. Moving is exhausting enough, and strains your body; there is absolutely no point risking injury by trying to move anything heavy. This is what professional moving companies are for, and they are a lot more affordable than you might think.

The “calories burned moving calculator” is a free online tool that you can use to estimate how many calories you will burn while moving. It’s a great way to plan your fitness routine.

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