How Much Does a Local Move Cost?

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When you’re looking for movers, a few things to keep in mind are your budget and the distance of your move. We have compiled average rates by zip code so that moving can be as easy as 1-2-3!

The “how much are movers per hour near me” is a question that many people ask. If you want to know how much it will cost, you can get a quote from your local moving company.

Setting a relocation budget might be a challenge. Most clients get completely perplexed and wind up paying more more than they had intended to due to non-binding estimates, deceptive advertising, and hidden fees. So how much does it really cost to relocate locally? The findings are in after we obtained genuine quotes from real movers.

Our Approach

With a sample Move Plan for a typical one-bedroom apartment with 390 cubic feet of stuff and no stairs, we called a number of movers. We obtained guaranteed costs for local moves in several U.S. locations as well as typical costs for relocating residences with sizes ranging from studio to four bedrooms locally in NYC. All prices are for standard moving only; they do not include services like packing, crating, storage, etc.

Cost of Local Moving

In order to get guaranteed pricing for our sample relocation plan, we got in touch with numerous experienced movers around the nation (one bedroom with 390 cubic feet of household goods). Here are the moving costs by city, listed from lowest to highest:

  • $272 New York, NY
  • $300 Denver, Colorado
  • Scottsdale, AZ – $328
  • $348 in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Florida, Miami – $368
  • $388 in Washington, D.C.
  • $395 Los Angeles, California
  • $415 in Houston, Texas
  • Texas, Dallas – $420
  • Illinois, Chicago – $429
  • Greater Boston – $555
  • Los Angeles, CA – $576

We spoke in further detail with NYC movers and requested quotes for local moving of different sizes for homes; the table below displays typical costs depending on volume:

Home Size Average Moving Cost
Studio (231cf) $176
1 little bedroom (390cf) $270
1 bedroom, spacious (524cf) $346
two rooms (892cf) $578
three rooms (1215cf) $774
3 Bathrooms (1815cf) $1,148

Examining the hourly rates is another method for calculating your relocation expenses. Local moving agencies often charge $25 per hour, per mover. Local moving of a two-bedroom apartment will take three movers around six hours, therefore labor will likely cost about $450. For a typical inventory of roughly 5000 lbs. when moving cross-country, the expense may mount up to about $3500.

Make sure to provide the appropriate tip no matter how much the movers are paid. Even though it is not required, tipping is customary unless you were really displeased. The general rule is to tip anywhere from 5% to 15%, and be sure to split the money equally amongst the movers. Visit this blog article to find out more about the practice of tipping movers.

Insurance is a further cost that you may wish to take into account. A 60 cent per lb compensation is provided by the default coverage that is a part of the rates. Depending on the worth of your possessions, it may be wise to spend extra in supplemental insurance. Do you wish to be compensated 60 cents per pound in the event that your flat-screen TV was damaged? With a deductible of $250–500, insurance purchased independently will typically cost $10 per $1000 of valued goods.

Remember that in the moving industry expertise, dependability, and experience often come at a cost. You ensure that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible, be sure to read verified reviews and use a reliable mover.


The “average cost to move a 4-bedroom house” is the average amount of money that most movers charge for moving a single family home. The price can vary depending on many factors like distance, size, and the type of service you want.

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