How Much Does Furniture Storage Cost?

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Furniture storage is a highly lucrative industry within the moving sector. With so many people making moves this season, companies are looking to make extra money off of those who can’t take their furniture with them. However, it’s not as easy as it seems and you’ll need more than just a wooden dowel to secure your items for safekeeping until they reach their new home.

The “how much would it cost to store my house contents” is a question that many people ask themselves before moving. The answer will vary depending on the size of your home, and what you’re storing.

It could take some time to decide what furniture belongs where, what has to go, and what to do with that old armoire you simply can’t bear to part with when you move into a new house. A fantastic approach to give yourself time to make a decision is to store things, but how much does furniture storage cost? What kind of storage should you choose, then? We’ve broken down the figures so you can calculate the potential cost of storing your furniture and make the best choice possible.

You must first identify a few crucial elements that will affect cost: How much storage do you need for your furniture? Will you keep your possessions in the city you now reside in or someplace else? What kind of storage do you need or desire?

Different Styles of Storage


Self-storage facilities, the most well-liked and accessible choice, may provide a quick and simple solution to keep your furniture. Typically, they are between 3 feet by 5 feet and 20 feet by 30 feet in size. The facility may have “business hours,” outside of which you do not have access to your unit. You may choose to enter via a building’s interior or outdoors, which some people believe to be more safe. If you live in a more severe environment where your unit may become very hot and humid or very cold, or if you are storing more sensitive furniture or artwork, you might also choose a temperature-controlled unit. Of course, climate-controlled storage facilities cost more on average.

The cost of an indoor storage unit in a given country is on average:

  • A 5-by-5-foot apartment rents for $40–$50 per month.
  • A 10-by-15-foot flat rents for $75 to $140 per month.
  • A 10-by-15-foot climate-controlled container costs $115–150 per month.
  • A 10-by-20-foot apartment costs between $95 to $155 per month.
  • A 10-by-20-foot climate-controlled apartment costs $170–$180 per month.
  • A 20 by 20 foot apartment costs $225 per month.

Convenient Storage

Seems like a great idea, right? Rather than haul your belongings to a private storage unit, the company drops off a portable container for you to fill up with whatever you need to store. You can opt to keep the unit at your home for a period of time, or the company will come retrieve the unit to be stored at their facility. Once there, it is inaccessible without contacting the company to unload it from the stacks of other containers. This option is, therefore, better if you are planning to tuck your furniture away for a significant period of time. It also tends to be costly: for a trip of around 1,400 miles (roughly Atlanta to Dever), your Convenient Storage container will cost between $2,000 and $4,000 to ship. Storage rates after that run between $100 and $200 per month depending on the size of the container. Some companies include one month of storage with the moving cost, but that is not always the case – so be clear when you get your quote.

Everything sounds pricey. Take the simpler strategy into account. Instead of keeping furniture until you figure out where to place it, you may save money and avoid future hassles when it comes time to clear out that storage unit you haven’t touched in a year by selling your old furniture or giving it to charitable organizations.

Still unsure about the most productive and economical approach to store furniture? When you use Unpakt to evaluate storage service costs, it will also put you in touch with full-service movers who will handle the rest of the arrangements.

The “furniture storage costs near me” is a question that is asked quite often. The answer to this question will vary depending on the size of the space and the type of furniture being stored.

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