How Much Does it Cost to Move Locally in San Francisco?

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Moving is expensive, but the cost of moving locally in San Francisco can be significantly higher. This article gives a breakdown of how much it costs to move from one part of the city to another and what you need to know before making your final decision on which company or service provider will help you make this big transition happen.

The “moving cost calculator” is a tool that allows users to figure out what it would cost to move locally in San Francisco. The site also offers tools for figuring out the moving costs of other cities.

Moving to a different area of San Francisco might bring you closer to landmarks like Union Square and the Golden Gate Bridge. Fisherman’s Wharf is close by if you want to spend some time in nature, and Ghiradelli Square, a former chocolate factory turned retail complex, is where you can satisfy your chocolate need.

Here are some costs associated with hiring a moving company to assist you in planning your move:

Cost of Relocation in San Francisco, on Average
Studio (217cf) $494.90
studio nook (275cf) $505.83
1 little bedroom (353cf) $560.38
1 bedroom, spacious (473cf) $678.02
two rooms (708cf) $931.42
three rooms (1106cf) $1,448.09
3 Bathrooms (1517cf) $1,952.23

Information from June 2016

Depending on how long you require storage, this is what you might anticipate to spend if you need to put a few things in storage:

Storage Rate for One Month
Studio (217cf) $64.95
studio nook (275cf) $82.50
1 little bedroom (353cf) $105.81
1 bedroom, spacious (473cf) $141.87
two rooms (708cf) $212.52
three rooms (1106cf) $331.83
3 Bathrooms (1517cf) $454.98

Information from June 2016

Licenses for Moving

You can find out all you need to know about obtaining a moving or parking permit by visiting the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency website.

Most-Active Moving Days

Since students in the city are often searching for homes around the first week of August, you could have trouble locating movers during that period. Moving close to the end of the year, around November, is often preferable since the summer is generally a busy season for movers in San Francisco. Unpakt gives the most recent information about San Francisco moving firms that may greatly simplify your local relocation. For up-to-date information, often visit the Unpakt website.



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