How Much Money Should I Save Before Moving Out

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Moving is one of the most exciting, yet stressful experiences in life. The thought of having to pack up your entire life and move can be overwhelming but there are certain steps you should take before moving out on your own. Experts say that saving enough money for a down payment is at least 25% of what you’ll need when looking for an apartment or house. To find out how much this breaks down into, we consulted our friends at,

“How Much Money Should I Save Before Moving Out” is a question that is asked by many people. The answer to this question will vary, but $5,000 should be enough to move out of your parents’ house and start living on your own. Read more in detail here: is $5,000 enough to move out.

You likely consider the privacy, independence, and flexibility that come with owning your own apartment when you consider moving out on your own. Your main concern should be how you will finance your own apartment and manage the financial responsibilities that come with it, not the parties you’ll host or the color of your living room.

This guide was made to assist you in planning your budget for the days after moving out of your parents’ house and in determining how much money to save for renting an apartment:

Have you prepared?

A significant life shift is leaving home. You believe you can afford the $700 rent on your $1100 salary thanks to that lovely studio apartment ad you came across online. But hold off on signing the lease so quickly. The cuisine, what about it? Take out coffee? a bus fare? Laundry? Living alone entails paying much more than simply the rent. Make sure you’re prepared by doing the following three things:

1. Research the true cost of moving out and living independently.

Ask elder siblings, parents, or acquaintances who have already left the nest, and get as much information as you can. The price of toilet paper and streaming media services are just two examples of the numerous hidden expenditures in life that most young people don’t think about until they have to foot the payment. Even if your parents are still paying for some of your current costs, trying to keep track of them can help you better grasp what you’re getting into.

2. Make a budget and follow it

You have the opportunity of practicing the skill of being thrifty while you still live in your house without the dread of eviction. Put your resolve to work right now by paying as much of your own expenses as you can, even if your parents are willing to help. It will instill discipline in you and get you ready for the future.

3. Clear your debts

If you don’t mind moving out at 40, it may not be feasible to pay off your student loan in full before you leave, but you can pay back part of it and perhaps get rid of any credit card debt you may have racked up in the process.


Generally speaking, you should divide your monthly income by three or your yearly income by 40 to determine how much should be paid on rent. To determine the maximum monthly payment you may make, use this simple procedure. Living in an apartment you can’t afford to start your independent life is a significant error that may quickly turn into severe difficulties. Don’t be tempted to rent over your means, even if you have complete faith in your future earnings. When your circumstances allow it, you can always upgrade to a larger and nicer property.

Security payment

Once you’ve figured out your maximum monthly rent, double that. Most Security payments are the same amount as a full month’s rent, and while you will eventually get the money back (provided you keep your place in tip-top shape) it is un-spendable until you move out. You’ll also have to pay an additional charge for a credit and background check. Depending on the management company, that will cost between $30 and $100.

Moving Charges

Depending on how much stuff you have and how far you need to move it, moving might cost you anything from nothing to a few thousand dollars.

The least expensive option is a full DIY move. You’ll probably wind up spending merely on petrol and some refreshments for your helping hands if you have access to a pickup or vehicle and a few strong-armed buddies (who are willing to assist with some heavy lifting).

You may alternatively spend $40 to $150, including materials for packing and moving, to hire an inexpensive moving truck and do all the lifting and packing yourself. That’s a fantastic and economical choice if you don’t mind some dents on your furniture. Although hiring a full-service moving company is more expensive, it could be worthwhile if you have more than a few boxes and any expensive furniture that you want to keep looking beautiful. Within a city, a modest full-service relocation should cost between $300 and $600. But how much does moving out of state cost? With higher petrol prices, longer hotel stays, additional charges for storage while in travel, and other fees, long distance relocation will inevitably cost you more money. Learn how to budget for your move by reading this blog article.


You probably don’t have a lot of furniture and household items since this is your first relocation. That results in a less expensive move, but it also necessitates more shopping. Even if the rent may be a little more, renting an apartment that is completely or partially furnished may be a smart choice. Although the cost of furniture varies greatly based on its quality, style, size, and other factors, you may easily meet your basic requirements without going overboard. Additionally, you are not required to shop for everything in a single trip. Spend some time going to garage sales and thrift shops to collect non-essential goods like end tables, mirrors, and lamps. Check out this checklist for new apartments to find out what to watch out for.


You may be familiar with the bills, which are recurring payments you should anticipate once you’re on your own. You may have to pay around $200 per month for utilities like cable, internet, heat, and electricity. A rental insurance policy is also strongly advised, with an average annual cost of $184. Your possessions and the flat will be safeguarded in case of damage from a flood, fire, or other unexpected shocks.


Feeding oneself will be one of your main tasks in the adult world. You’ll need to stock your first kitchen with some essentials, and you’ll probably eat out more until your kitchen is functional. Plan on spending $150 to stock your pantry and get some takeout to get you by. For a complete list of the ingredients you’ll need to prepare a feast in your new apartment, see Unpakt’s first apartment shopping list.


When looking for a first home, bear in mind that the location of your apartment will directly effect your transportation expenditures. Depending on where you live and how you travel about, monthly expenditures may reach a few hundred dollars.

Be Constantly Prepared

Life is full with unexpected events. Particularly when you’re on the go, there’s always a flat tire, a broken microwave, or a stolen laptop to keep your days interesting. For such unforeseen circumstances, save as much as you can (about $500 would be excellent, but no less than $250).

So, the final word is this:

  1. Rent: $1,000 (40th of an annual $40K)
  2. Security payment: $1000
  3. $100 in management fees
  4. $40-$450 for moving
  5. furnishings: $500
  6. Food: $150
  7. Supplements: $250-500

This, depending on your demands, totals $2970 to $3700. Good fortune!

The “is 20k enough to move out” question is one that many people ask themselves. This article will help you decide how much money you should save before moving out.

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