How to Find a Roommate in New York City

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Roommating can be a difficult and stressful process, especially when you are limited in your options. We’ve created this guide to help find the perfect roommate for you that will fit into your new apartment with ease!

The “how to find a roommate in new york city reddit” is a great way to find roommates. If you are looking for someone with specific criteria, it may be difficult to find that person.

Living with someone may not be your favorite option, but in a city like New York City, you pretty much have to get accustomed to the concept. If you are fortunate enough to actually discover a studio apartment empty, you don’t “have” to locate a roommate. The likelihood of you being in the right location at the right time is quite tiny, however, given that they are sometimes snapped up before the former resident has even gotten his last box out the door. You better hope you are generating a fantastic wage if you believe you would just hunt for a one or two-bedroom apartment.

In case you didn’t aware, this city has costly flats! Therefore, the majority of individuals believe that finding a roommate is the only option to afford a “bigger” home in a secure building. Recognize that it is not as horrible as it seems before you cringe. Since so many individuals in New York City have numerous jobs or very long hours at one, it is unlikely that you will spend the whole day hanging out with a stranger. It’s possible that most of the time, you two just walk by one another in the hallway. You must now really locate a roommate even if you are aware that you will likely need one.


Roomster is without a doubt swiftly rising to the top of the list of resources for finding a roommate. You may search for individuals who are seeking for a place to live in addition to seeing the property and the actual room you will be renting. You can also browse profiles. You may always search for a place jointly if you discover a suitable fit. Perhaps someone relocating to New York City from your town or state is also seeking for a roommate. Every minute, the website is updated.

Bright Roommates

Launched in 1995 by Douglas Leavy, Bright Roommates caters to the LGBT community, but everyone is welcomed. There is a cost to use this service, but this does help ensure that only seriously interested parties are using the site. If you find that your roommate situation is not a good match within two months, Leavy will give you a free one-month membership to try again.

Roommates in Metro

If you have no desire to have a long-term roommate, but you do need to rent a room while you find a place, this will be a great source for you. Roommates in Metro features a lot of short-term options, but there are always some long-term ones sprinkled in there, too. The site is owned by You can search the database using specific criteria, and most posts have photos.

NYC Roommates Wanted

This website really arranges monthly meet-ups, which could or might not be your thing. They often get together at Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens pubs. You may interact with others who are seeking for roommates to see if you can discover a compatible fit. The drawback is that some individuals will constantly use these gatherings to look for a date.

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