How to Move to a New Home in One Day

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Moving to a new home is an exciting adventure! The process can be complicated and expensive, but if you follow these few tips it will take only one day.

Moving to a new home is a big move, and it can be difficult to find the time to pack for a move. However, if you follow these steps, you will be able to pack your belongings in one day.

Even the most structured people among us sometimes experience life’s unexpected turns. In order to beat the time rush and move out in one day, you must be well-organized and prepare ahead, but we assure you that it is doable. Here are our top suggestions for reducing stress while moving to a new house in a single day.

Do not let clutter accumulate.

The less clutter you let to accumulate in your house, the simpler it will be to pack things up on moving day. This is more of a pre-move preparation tip. Your house will be lot simpler to relocate in an emergency if you use clever organizing systems in your closets, attic, or garage, do a once-a-season cleanse, and resist the impulse to save items “just in case.”

Prepare a packing list.

It can seem like the best course of action is to “just pack everything,” but if you’ve been planning to get rid of any big furniture pieces or clear out the pantry of any stale food, make a note on your list so it doesn’t get packed by mistake. Keep a separate “give” list, and inquire as soon as you can about pickup options with your neighborhood charity or resale shop (many do). If you’d rather go the digital way for organizing, have a look at our list of the best moving apps.

Start out early and seek assistance.

If at all feasible, use moving professionals to make what may first appear difficult somewhat simpler. Not able to hire movers for the day? Make a ton of coffee, contact your closest friends and family, and get going before dawn. When it comes time to move the furniture, you’ll be grateful for a few additional hands, and having your friends by your side for the exhausting move will be invaluable in terms of emotional support.

Every room separately

It might be quite intimidating to consider relocating the whole home, but planning your moving timetable by room helps it seem less onerous. Start in the kitchen and work your way out, drawer by drawer and shelf by shelf, concentrating your attention only on the job at hand. Each of your workers should be given a room or a section of a room to work on.

As you pack, get rid of the extra items.

Use a big trash bag and a “donation” box that you should always have on hand. It might be tempting to just pack everything up, but it will make moving into your apartment a misery. It can probably go if you haven’t seen it in a while or if you’ve missed it. Send the unwanted items—clothes, accessories, and knickknacks that have been stashed at the back of the drawer—to a new home as a favor to yourself.

Keep your clothing hung up as directed.

It takes a lot of time to fold every piece of clothing for transportation. Use a garbage bag to wrap over everything while keeping everything on its hanger, exposing the hook portion of each hanger. If you don’t have a hanging bar, you may transfer them quickly by tying a rope to the side of your one-day trailer rental.

Use the resources you have.

If you don’t have cardboard boxes on hand, you may put your items in suitcases, duffel bags, garbage bags, and laundry hampers. If you use moving services, they may be able to offer you a pack of moving supplies or give reusable boxes and crates for the day, but you should be well on your way to being completely packed before they come!

Use our new apartment checklist and food list to ensure a smooth relocation and simple first few days in your new home.

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