How to Transport a Motorcycle Cross Country

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Consider the cost of storing large items in a secure climate-controlled facility, as well as damage and theft that could occur during transport. A motorcycle is an example of this dilemma: it can’t be transported without some risk or expense.

Motorcycles are heavy and bulky, so it’s not easy to transport them cross country. The “cheapest way to transport a motorcycle” is by shipping it.

Let’s be practical, despite the allure of that idealized idea of riding your motorbike cross-country. You should usually send it to your final location when traveling a great distance. After all, you have a lot of other things to worry about! We’ve outlined your best shipping alternatives so you can relax knowing your bike will arrive safely and that you can ride the wide roads in your new location.

Option 1: Have a truck tow your motorbike.

How far you are going will determine what sort of vehicle you need. In some circumstances, you could decide to put the bike into a pickup truck, secure it there, and transport it that way. Consider covering your bike with a securely secured tarp to protect it from the mud and gravel of the road if you want to go more than a few towns over. If not, you may put your bike in a moving vehicle that can support its weight and has a permitted weight limit. To make sure that bikes are allowed in the moving company’s vehicles, inquire with them. Additionally, check to see whether the loading ramp can sustain the bike when you load it.

Once it’s loaded, firmly attach it with straps while you’re standing. To prevent a vehicle that is unevenly loaded, it is advisable to load the cargo area of a moving truck toward the cab end. Alternately, secure it to the side rails while making sure to put something on the truck’s opposite side to balance the weight.

Second choice: Tow a trailer

When it comes to cross-country motorcycle transportation, moving firms have thought of everything. You may simply hire a motorcycle trailer that is designed to make loading and fastening your motorbike so that it can be pulled behind your moving truck or another vehicle simple and secure. Although the bike is left out in the open, the trailer is portable and simple to use for individuals who don’t want to or are unable to load their motorbike into a moving truck for a cross-country transfer.

Option 3: Work with a motorbike transport business.

Professionals are skilled in safely and effectively transporting motorcycles across nation. For a 1,000-mile relocation, budget between $400 and $600, however prices may vary depending on whether you select open or covered transportation. Although an open travel would be less costly, your bike will be more susceptible to environmental and weather effects.

In any case, choose a business that fits your demands for time and money. Then, determine what you’ll need to buy to fill in any gaps by finding out what your present insurance covers and what insurance the moving company offers. Take detailed shots of your motorbike from all angles to record its present state and to identify any aftermarket or loose components. Drain the tank to a minimum of 1/4 tank. Some movers may insist on the tank being entirely empty. then wish your bike safe travels!

loading advice

To prevent injuries to yourself or damage to the motorcycle while using a DIY technique like a tow trailer or truck, it’s crucial to load your motorcycle carefully. Do not attempt to do it alone, first and foremost! It takes more than one set of hands to move a motorcycle safely because they are big and heavy. Recruit some friends to help you.

Next, make sure the ramp you plan to use is secure enough to prevent slippage and strong enough to support the weight of the bike. Since wood might slide or become slick underfoot, using loose boards of wood is not advised.

After that, shift into neutral and push the bike up the ramp. Avoid attempting to drive the bike up the ramp if at all possible. Simply put, it’s a bad idea. An internet video search will turn up plenty of results if you require confirmation.

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