Inspiring Kids Clubhouse & Treehouse Ideas

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Kids need more active play than ever in order to develop healthy habits that will stay with them for life. It’s important to support your child’s natural curiosity and foster their interests.

The “clubhouse ideas” are the best way to get your children excited about the upcoming summer. They can be used in different ways, and they don’t have to be expensive.

Who among kids doesn’t want their own own enchanted playhouse? While many kids construct forts out of cardboard boxes, blankets, and pillows, or even branches and leaves, moving into a new house could provide you with the inspiration you need to create and embellish a genuinely spectacular environment just for the kids. Here are some designs for kids’ clubhouses that will far outperform cardboard boxes.


Select a project you can manage, and include the children.

Yes, you may purchase a pre-built playhouse offline or online, and it could be the perfect solution for you and your family. However, if you’re prepared to construct your own, go through our selection of free downloads and choose a design that complements both your child’s character and your carpentry abilities. This will make it easier for your kids to settle in and enjoy playing in their new yard when you move.

Leave most of the painting to your children.

Your house may be a tasteful shade of deep blue or grey, but the outside paint of the kids’ clubhouse doesn’t have to be so formal. Apply a foundation coat of weatherproof paint to protect the building itself as a precaution before having fun. Bring some paint samples for the kids to chose from, then allow them have some creative freedom with the outer design. You could even make painting the clubhouse once a year a habit!


Turn it on.

Install lights if you want the youngsters to have access to their playhouse even in the evenings or on rainy days! If you don’t want to connect the structure to energy, think about using twinkling lights or battery-operated LED lights to provide a little bit more lighting. But if you want to go above and beyond with your kids clubhouse design, install some fanciful lights and let your children to play home.

Install storage cubbies or shelves.

It’s possible to establish a room that is designated only for children. The room will become even more multipurpose if you provide the youngsters somewhere to put their toys and books. This is crucial if you have many kids, each of whom has diverse interests in games and toys!


Include the outside area as well.

Do your children like to garden? Alternately, maybe they adore the monkey bars. Make your kids’ clubhouse design ideas more complex. Give the kids a fun and difficult entranceway by attaching a set of monkey bars just outside the door, or work with them to plant window boxes or a garden close to their area. Putting up a treehouse? The children will then unquestionably want a rope to climb or even a swing.

Create original furniture.

Do you want to really provide your kids with a space where they’ll want to spend all of their time? A modest table and two chairs would be enough depending on the available space, or you could lean a child’s mattress against a wall to turn the area into a playroom and guest room! Furniture with several uses, such as tables that can be turned into easels for painting, is a terrific option as well.

Giving in to your children’s treehouse fantasies will not only encourage them to play outdoors, but it may also aid in their transition to a new neighborhood and school. For everyone of us, having a comfortable, secure haven to go back to can be so consoling at a time of change.

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