Living Cheap in San Francisco

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Mover’s have a tough time in San Francisco as the price of labor is high and there isn’t enough room for all these new homes. Some are making more than others, but it still seems like you can never find cheap apartments because landlords want to rent out entire buildings or sections.

The “how to live in san francisco for free” is a blog post that discusses how to live in San Francisco without spending much money.

It is not surprising that so many individuals are moving to San Francisco since it is one of the greatest cities in which to start a new profession. There are many excellent firms to work for even if you have not completed your college education. In addition, there are many of bartenders, waiters, hotel employees, and other occupations in the hospitality industry since it is a popular tourist destination. When you consider that this city boasts a booming singles culture in addition to a ton of family-friendly attractions, activities, and parks, it is the ideal area to establish roots for almost anybody.

You may believe that in order to relocate here, you must have a substantial amount of money saved up or a solid employment, but this is not really the case. Many folks come here, look for a roommate, and perform odd jobs while they wait to be hired and move out on their own. To get a head start on the job search, email your résumé to temp companies like Career Alliance, Manpower, Kimco Specialized Staffing, and Olsten. Does it sound like New York City? I guess not exactly. Despite being one of the most expensive cities to live in, you can get by fairly well on a surprisingly little income.

Choose a roommate

Almost wherever you look, you can find a place for rent. The simplest approach to relocate to the city is in this manner. Your CV will have an actual address and you will have a place to reside. And your rent will be reasonable. This will allow you time to get employment and deliberate your housing options without feeling rushed. If you meet certain folks, you could desire to live in a shared space. You could even run across some great folks who want to share a room. Both and are further resources for seeking housemates.


There are a few things to think about when you’re ready to move in, whether you’re relocating alone or with a roommate. First, housing costs increase with proximity to the city center. On the other side, if you relocate close to your place of employment, you’ll save money on petrol, parking, and other car-related expenses, as well as on the cost of using public transit. You should also take the local crime rate into account. If your safety is at danger, a killer price on an apartment is simply not that great of a deal.

You may locate significantly less expensive apartments on the outskirts of the city if you want to retain your vehicle and do not mind commuting. The ideal county is Marin. It is located north of the city and has quick access to both the Richmond and Golden Gate bridges. In Oakland, Richmond, San Lorenzo, and Hayward, there are also some desirable communities that are still reasonably priced.


Moving About

You don’t absolutely need a vehicle in San Francisco since there is an abundance of public transit, which is one of the nicest things about living there. Excellent areas with quick access to public transit include Potrero, Fillmore, and Haight. Join a carpool if you have a long commute to work and don’t live near a transit hub. You may “park and ride” at a variety of parking lots. You will save a ton of money on petrol and maintenance costs for your car by doing this. If you reside in a city, you can go almost everywhere by walking or cycling. This city is ideal for walking because of the abundance of beautiful weather and the wide walkways. While BART is more often utilized in the Bay Region, MUNI is the municipal bus system that is more used in the downtown area. When relocating here, purchase a monthly pass so you won’t have to pay every time you board.

Shop Savvy

You’ll rapidly run out of money if you buy your food at the pricy corner shop near your downtown flat. Visit the farmers market as often as you can. In addition to being cheaper and fresher, buying local supports regional farmers. When you can fill your fridge on a budget, it may be a bit out of the way, but it will be well worth it. Eating out every single day is the last thing you want to do.

Hour of Joy

The city comes to life during Hour of Joy. Nearly every great bar runs fantastic specials on drinks and food. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to mingle and meet some locals.

Free Things

Do not believe that because you lack the funds to leave the house, you will be confined to your home all the time. There is so many free things to do in this city. Many museums give free admission every day, while others have free days per month. There are a ton of free concerts and festivals that you may attend as well. Of course, you could always go to the nearby beaches for some sunbathing fun or put on your running shoes and go to one of the numerous parks for some trail jogging.

The “safe affordable places to live in san francisco” is a topic that has been debated for years. There are many opinions on where one should move to, but the best place will depend on your own personal needs and wants.

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