How To Move A Hot Tub Safely By Yourself

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how to move a hot tub

A hot tub dip is one of the relaxing activities that can give you comfort after a long tiring day.

Having your hot tub at the right spot is even better. However, a hot tub is heavy and moving it can be cumbersome. In this article, we will discuss tips on how to move a hot tub carefully around your home.

So, whether you are relocating to a new premise or moving it into another spot in your yard, you will find the process much easier since you will have proper planning and the right tools for the job. Read along and learn more on how to go about this.

Stages In Moving A Hot Tub

Moving a hot tub will require two stages for the process to be carefully executed. It is best to follow these stages to ensure you do not damage your hot tub and have an easy time doing the job. These stages include planning and execution.

In the planning stage, you should have a well-outlined procedure and map of the scheduled activities that will take place from the beginning to the end.

The execution stage is putting the planning stage into action and ensuring you follow the order. Let us get into details of what you should do in each stage.

1. Planning Stage

When you are sure you want to move your hot tub, you’ll have to do proper planning. A hot tub is expensive, and one wrong move could cost you much. Hot tubs are generally heavy and you need a loading team to help you execute the plan.

Outline your moving plan and have background research on what is required for the process to be successful. Then, assemble the right materials and mobilize a workforce to ensure your hot tub safely reaches its next destination. For your plan to be successful, you will require the following types of equipment.

  • Moving blankets: Used to cover and secure the hot tub.

  • Moving straps: To secure the truck and ensure the hot tub is stationary.

  • Four-Wheel Furniture Dolly: To help you roll the hot tub in the moving truck.

  • 4 by 4 Lumber Boards: To help you slide the dolly under the hot tub while lading it to the truck.

  • Hand Truck: Needed to move a hot tub from installation points.

  • A Truck: Necessary if you want to relocate your hot tub to a new home or premise.

Required ManPower

Two handy men preparing to move a hot tub

As previously discussed, a hot tub has an average weight of 800 pounds. However, the weight varies as per the manufacturer, so you can get one that weighs even higher than 800 pounds. In this case, you will need a team to help move the hot tub to your new location.

2. Execution Stage

When you have your procedure outlined, plus the necessary equipment at hand, you need to start the movement by following the procedure below.

Steps In Moving a Hot Tub By Yourself

As discussed earlier, hot tubs require heavy lifting, so if you are up for the task, you can do it yourself. Before relocating your hot tub, do a risk assessment to ensure the process will be safe. Then go ahead with the processes.

1. Get Your Measurements Right

Since you will use a truck to move our hot tub, you should ensure the dimensions fit on the back when you lay it vertically or horizontally.

You can lay the hot tub vertically on one of its sides or horizontally o its bottom base.

2. Moving Vehicle

A moving forklift suspending a hot tub ready for moving

Have a truck ready to move your hot tub; a medium-sized one will work perfectly. Before you start the hot tub moving operation, you should measure the dimensions and ensure the hot tub fits in the truck. If it fails to fit in the truck, you can call a professional moving company and ask for assistance. However, if the hot tub fits, you can proceed to the next procedure.

3. Prepare The Exit Way

Carefully inspect the moving vehicle’s path and ensure it is free from obstacles such as rocks or potholes that may make the moving process harder. While at it, confirm whether openings are wide enough t allow the hot tub to pass and fit perfectly.

4. Disconnect The Tub From Power

A man disconnecting a hot tub from power

Since you are already moving, your hot tub should not be on power mode. Disconnect it from electricity, then wrap the electric cable inside a ziplock bag. You can store the cable where you can reach it later or inside the storage compartment on the side of the panel.

Leaving the power cord hanging while transporting the hot tub can cause a safety hazard to you, or it can also get damaged in the process.

5. Drain The Water From The Hot Tub

Crop person draining a hot tub

Close off the water supply from the side panel and drain the tub until it is empty. If your hot tub is located outdoors, you can direct its drainage to your garden to save on water, but if it’s not, you can opt for a long hose to help redirect the drainage process.

Draining a hot tub is quite easy; however, if you are unfamiliar with the process, you can always refer to the manufacturer’s manual on how to drain a hot tub.

6. Dry Your Tub

 Crop person cleaning  and drying a hot tub base

After draining all the water, it is time to dry the tub since you don’t want to be moving a wet tub. Close the drain valve tightly and use bath towels or absorbent cloths to dry the remaining water in the hot tub. Once everything in the tub is dry, it s time to move the hot tub to your new premise or location.

7. Remove Your Hot Tub Cover

Man trying to detach a hot tub cover

Most hot tubs come with a hot tub cover feature; if yours has a hot tub cover, you can remove it before transportation and re-attach it afterward to minimize the risk of damaging it. If the covers are attached with screws, you will need to unscrew them safely and lace the screws where you can reach them later; it is best to use a plastic bag for storage.

8. Start Moving The Hot Tub

  A hot tub suspended  in the air ready to be moved

As discussed earlier, you cannot move the hot tub individually, so gather your workforce and start transporting the tub to the moving vehicle. Set aside 4 pieces of wood that are approximately 4 by 4 in dimension. Gather your workforce and instruct them on what is required to do the job effectively and safely.

9. Use The Wood Pieces

Position your helpers on each of the corners of the hot tub and instruct them to lift, then place the wooden pieces underneath to elevate the hot tub above the ground. If you succeed in lifting the hot tub, it should be approximately 4 inches above the ground and well secured on the 4 pieces of the lumber.

The same procedure will make it easier to facilitate the placement of the two furniture dollies in the next procedure.

10. Use The Two Furniture Dollies

Two furniture dollies

If you have followed the above procedures to the latter, you will not have a problem turning the hot tub on its side. In this case, you will need to slide one furniture dolly underneath the front part of the tub while the other one will be at the back.

Once the hot tub base is fully secured on the furniture dollies, you can now secure the dollies with moving straps so that the hot tub remains in a constant position during transportation.

11. Using A One Appliance Dolly

Using furniture dollies in moving a hot tub is quite dangerous, so if you are not a professional or familiar with it, you should not try the procedure. As discussed earlier, the moving path should be even or very clear for you to use the appliance dollies in moving your tub.

Using the appliance dollies can be risky if the moving path is unclear. However, moving the hot tub to its side is still possible. Gather your helpers and instruct them to tilt the hot tub on one of its sides. Ensure the side panel does not lie below to avoid the risk of damage.

When tilting the tub on one of its sides, you can slide the appliance dolly underneath it. Secure the hot tub to the dolly by fastening it using moving straps, then instruct your helpers to keep it steady using their hands until your tub reaches the destination.

12. Safety Measures

Once you have loaded the hot tub on the moving truck, it is time to take safety measures. The moving straps will keep the hot tub stable to prevent any damage, but you will need extra reinforcement to keep it in place during transportation. Move the tub slowly to the loading truck and begin transportation.

13. Loading Procedure

Ensure you exercise caution while loading the hot tub in the moving truck. Push the moving truck up the loading ramp, and once it is inside, you can leave it underneath the truck. You can also secure the hot tub to the side of the truck with several moving blankets to prevent movement on the road and provide extra protection.

Once you reach your destination, you can offload the moving truck using the abv procedure but in reverse order. You will unload the hot tub, wheel it to your preferred position, connect it to your water and electricity supply, and start enjoying luxury.

Factors To Consider Before Moving A Hot Tub

1. Finances

Before you move a hot tub, you should consider the cost of relocation. If you hire hot tub movers, you should have a budget for it. Furthermore, if you are relocating to a new premise, you must add the transportation cost.

If you are going to use professional movers, then you can request them an accurate quote to enable you to save and plan. However, it might be impossible to get the right quotation if you plan to move the tub yourself.

2. Time

Time is money, so it is best to account for the time you will spend moving your hot tub. Moving a hot tub will take an extended time, especially if you are unprepared for the whole procedure. The time is taken during uninstalling the hot tub from the previous location, and it can take more time if you lack experience.

Other time-consuming activities in the moving procedure include transportation, unloading, fixing and assembly. Have an outlined procedure for each process and how you plan to execute them to avoid confusion and time wastage.

You should be on-site to give instructions to your moving team if you plan to move the hot tub by yourself. However, you should note that professional movers may have better services and save you time since they know what to do.

3. The Dangers Involved

A hot tub is an expensive luxury that can cause more damage during transportation. Is it worth moving your hot tub, and how much do hot tubs weigh? A hot tub weighs approximately 800 pounds. If you accidentally drop it, it can be costly to repair.

Apart from it getting damaged, it can also injure the people transporting it when it drops, which may also lead to health costs or calamities. Analyze the possible risks involved in moving a hot tub, and if you still want to move it, you can do it with safety precautions or seek professional help.

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