How to Move a Mattress: The Complete Solo Guide

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how to move a mattress

It is finally moving day, and you are sure the long road ahead will be arduous. At the end of it all, you need to rest well and recover in your bed. However, if you do not know how to move a mattress solo, you will not get the well-deserved sleep you need to finish unpacking the following morning.

Although the entire process can seem daunting, especially with heavy lifting, our six-step process will help. Still, it is crucial to figure out whether you need to move a mattress in the first place.

Do You Need to Move Your Mattress?

Take the time to consider whether moving the mattress is necessary | Identity Photogr@phy

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Consider the following questions:

  • When did you buy your mattress?

  • Does it still deliver a good night’s sleep?

  • Will your current mattress fit your new place?

Most mattresses promise about a decade of use before they exceed their warranty time limit. If yours is just as old, perhaps it is time to find a replacement.

Moreover, if there are numerous tears on the mattress cover, an uncomfortable dent where you often sleep, or it has become too thin that you feel the bed frame underneath, moving it may not be necessary. Also, the new place may not be accommodating to your current mattress. Whether a space consideration in your new place or a potential interior decor mismatch, interrogate the necessity of a move.

Still, you need to have the budget for a new one before deciding to rotate or throw the old one away. Consequently, try to answer the above questions honestly and figure out whether you need to move your mattress alone. After all, transporting it is pretty tasking.

How to Move a Mattress

What You’ll Need

Make your solo mattress move simpler with some helpful equipment. Once you have the tools, you can follow the steps below.

  • Ropes can help keep the mattress folded to save space. Straps are an excellent alternative.

  • Keep the item clean during transport by using a mattress bag or covers.

  • Duct tape if you cannot find mattress covers with a zipper.

  • A plastic cover or bubble wrap can offer extra protection against liquid-related accidents during transport.

1. Cover It Up

Get a mattress cover | The Sleep Judge

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If you are moving solo, chances are you need to transfer all your belongings in a single trip. Therefore, you may be forced to put your kitchen essentials, toiletries, and pantry stock alongside your furniture. In addition, spills are likely to occur, so keeping the mattress clean and ready for a comfortable sleep at night is vital.

In addition, dragging it out of your old place and into the new one will put some parts of the item in contact with the floor and other dirty surfaces. Hence, a mattress bag will ensure you do not contend with dust and a sneeze-filled night.

Remove all your bedding products and pack them neatly. Next, lift your mattress and put it against a wall with the sides lying parallel to the floor, which will help you cover it without much effort.

Afterward, put the mattress cover over it and ensure no parts are exposed. For this part, you can gently slide it inside by pulling the bag, starting with the side closer to the ceiling, then the one on the floor. Alternate this motion until the entire item is well covered.

Ensure there are no air bubbles within the cover, as they will complicate the folding process. Then, you can zip the bag or apply tape to seal off the opening.

2. Fold It

An air mattress is much simpler to fold | The Sleep Judge

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Whether you have a California king-size mattress or a compact 3′ by 6′ one, folding it will help you save cargo space on the pickup truck bed or transporting vehicle. In addition, it makes physically moving it from the bedroom to the car easier.

Moreover, memory foam mattresses thicker than 11″ will be a nightmare to fold. Also, it is not wise to fold one with box springs as there is a serious risk of damaging it. If your mattress is outside these parameters, follow the steps below.

  • Bring out the ropes or straps and ensure they are longer than the length of the mattress.

  • Place two or three ropes parallel on the floor(depending on the mattress width).

  • Also, ensure the ropes are close enough to contain the mattress’s width while leaving at least 8″ from the edges.

  • Place the mattress flat onto the aligned ropes with the sleeping side facing upwards.

  • If your mattress is 6″ thick and soft, you can afford to fold it several times. Otherwise, a single fold may be all that is possible.

  • While folded, bring the ropes over the item and wrap the bedding tightly to compact it. You can have the straps go around as often as possible while leaving enough length at the end to tie a knot.

You may need to watch a tutorial on tying knots to ensure they are not too difficult to undo when unpacking. Then, once you have a compactly packed mattress, you can proceed.

3. If It is Floppy, It Requires Propping!

You may need to reinforce a floppy mattress | ChiefG_G

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As mentioned above, really thick mattresses are difficult to fold. Additionally, an old, thick memory foam mattress will still be difficult to fold.

Nevertheless, keeping it from flailing around while transporting it is crucial. After all, it can damage other furniture since it is pretty heavy.

You can add plywood, long pieces of a cardboard box or stilts to keep it straight. You can use ratchet straps to secure these support structures along the length of the mattress.

4. Remove All Obstacles to the Truck

Once you have the mattress inside the cover and carefully tied, you can make an informed guess of the space required to shift it from the bedroom to the moving vehicle. You can remove the bed frame if it is a hindrance, along with other bedroom furniture along the way.

Clear out floor lamps, side tables, boxes, or framed pictures in the hallway and staircase. After all, when you move a mattress alone, you should avoid damaging other items in the house if it accidentally slips from your grip as you carry it.

5. Do Not Lift with Your Back

Avoid lower back pain by lifting with your knees | gm.esthermax

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The right lifting technique is crucial to avoid lower back pain, especially when dealing with a heavy load. Thus, follow the following tips to keep your spinal discs from getting compressed and straining. Plus, the pointers should apply when handling the rest of your furniture.

  • Like a Karate practitioner, you need to widen your stance and keep your feet the same width as your shoulders.

  • Only bend your knees and hips while keeping your back straight. If it helps, you can put one knee on the floor and slightly ahead.

  • Keep your eyes facing forward and straighten your posture by propping your shoulders back.

  • Ensure you are as close to the mattress as possible to keep you from reaching forward for it.

  • Slowly start while ensuring your back remains straight, and extend your hips and knees.

  • Avoid twisting your back if you want to change direction and take conservative steps. After all, your shoulders and hips must remain aligned to prevent straining yourself.

  • If you want to set it down, do it slowly and use your hips and knees instead of leaning forward to place it on the floor.

6. Shifting from the Bedroom to the Truck

This solo guide will not achieve its purpose if we do not give you a way to shift the heavy mattress from the house to the truck. You can visit your local hardware store and see if they have a dolly you can rent.

Nevertheless, moving the mattress downstairs requires ingenuity to prevent a terrible accident. For example, if you have more than a single fold, you can gently roll it across the floor and turn it sideways when you reach the bedroom door.

At the stairs, you can let it slide down slowly while keeping a hand on it. If there are no obstacles on your way, you will not be thinking about mattress damage. Also, the same applies if you had a single fold.

You can place a blanket on the floor and use it to drag the item across the floor. However, use this tip as a last resort since the buffer will likely sustain damage or get dirtied.

Finally, you can prop up the mattress and let it lean on the moving van. Afterward, enter the vehicle and pull it inside using the lifting tips.

Key Considerations When Moving a Mattress Solo

a) Transporting Vehicle

Choose the transporting vehicle carefully

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Choose your mode of transportation carefully. A moving van or a decent-sized truck bed can contain the entire mattress’s body without parts of it hanging out. A large SUV is an excellent alternative as long as you can remain safe on the road and nothing is exposed when driving.

You may need tie-down straps to keep it secured on one side of the transport vehicle and avoid rolling around and hitting your other belongings. Since a moving truck is the best option, you can save money by hiring professional movers by renting a vehicle.

b) Is Using a Shipping Company Simpler?

Shipping companies can help with your move

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Moving a mattress over a long distance can be expensive if you need to carry your other belongings in the same haul. A wonderful alternative to professional movers is having a shipping company take care of it.

It is crucial to avoid placing the mattress flat on top of a vehicle as it will likely slip off in case of sudden braking. So, put your other stuff on your pickup truck and have a company ship your mattress to your new place.

c) Is It a Heavy Mattress?

A king size mattress can be pretty heavy to move

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If you are moving a mattress on your lonesome, do not rush while on the road. A heavy one can move around and crush your other furniture or belongings. Hence, keep your speed moderate so that your acceleration and braking do not dislodge your packing arrangement.

Setting Up Your Mattress on the Other Side

You do not need a certified sleep coach to tell you that a flat mattress is crucial to a good night’s rest. So, unwrap your bedding as soon as you reach your new place to avoid having the folds persist for too long.

Place it along a support wall in the bedroom with the sleeping side facing you. Remove the mattress bag and vacuum the front to remove any dust or dirt that may have gotten in.

Set up your bed frame and place your mattress inside carefully. This part requires plenty of effort; hence do it slowly while adhering to the hoisting tips. Once set, you can finish unpacking everything else and return at night to make your bed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How to Move a Mattress

1. What is the easiest way to move a mattress?

Whether you have a heavy twin mattress or a California king-sized one, hiring professional movers is the ideal way of moving a mattress. Although it can be pricey, especially over long distances, it takes the stress off your shoulders.

2. How do I move my mattress cleanly?

Use a mattress bag for the moving process to avoid dirtying the item. In addition, folding it while keeping the sleeping part on the inside should help keep it clean during the journey.

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