Moving Day Etiquette: 10 Things Movers Want you to Know

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Moving day is the most stressful and hectic day of your life. It’s packed with unexpected surprises that you may not be prepared for, like getting stuck on a road or missing important items in storage. Movers have some tips to help make moving day easier on everyone involved.,

Moving day etiquette is important. Movers want to make sure they are not moving things that are not in boxes, and also want you to know what they will be doing on moving day. Read more in detail here: will movers move things not in boxes.

No matter what line of employment you’re in, you undoubtedly spend a considerable amount of time engaging with others. Whether they are your clients, coworkers, or suppliers, there are certainly a few things you wish they knew that would improve the quality and effectiveness of your relationships. They share your feelings while selecting a moving company. Ten things your movers wish they could tell you to ease the stress of moving day for everyone involved are listed below:

1. Let them carry out their duties.

How can you help your movers the most? Just Let them carry out their duties.! You may think you know just the way to get everything done perfectly, but you hired full-service movers for a reason. They are trained professionals who’ve moved many couches, boxes, and fragile items, so step aside! You’ll feel less stressed, and they won’t feel micromanaged.

2. Complete packing before to moving day.

Your movers do you pack? When you pay for a full-service relocation, they do. Make sure you complete your portion of the task before they arrive if you decided against spending the extra money on packing services. If the home is totally prepared to be loaded into the truck when they arrive, their task will be much simpler. They are being paid for their time, therefore it would be wasted if they had to wait for you to complete packing.

3. Take your prescription drugs, valuables, and cash with you.

For your movers, some objects are nothing but a pain. They want to avoid the danger of being accused of losing assets like gold or cash since they do not need to carry them about and do not need to worry about losing them. Hold onto your valuables and let the moving team handle the rest since moving day may be rather busy.

4. The boxes should be marked with their final destination.

Your movers will unload more quickly and you won’t have to deal with trying to manage traffic by properly labeling each box with its intended area of use. Especially if you’re paying them by the hour, this is crucial.

5. If anything is delicate, always let the movers know or explicitly indicate it on the box.

Tell your movers if anything is delicate or needs cautious treatment for any other reason; otherwise, they probably wouldn’t be your movers. They must be informed in detail and in advance, so be sure to do so as soon as possible.


6. Make sure they can access it without difficulty

Assist your movers by being aware of the best parking spot for their truck, the easiest way to enter your apartment, and any restrictions on parking or moving hours. Your movers would be quite angry to learn that your lack of planning resulted in them receiving a parking ticket since they work on the premise that this information has been well investigated.

7. Don’t stuff bulky boxes with heavy contents.

Putting all those books in one package seems sensible, right? Wrong. A large box of books will be tough to handle, even for moving professionals of Schwarzeneggerian stature, and it may even rupture while being moved. Check out our guide on where to locate free moving boxes in your area if you need some more boxes to make up the difference.

8. Clean out your workstations, armoires, and drawers.

In addition to adding weight to the item for your movers, it might be dangerous due to sliding drawers and moving contents. As a consequence, most movers won’t touch filing cabinets or furniture that still contains contents.

To make packing simpler, some experts advise keeping everything in the drawers. However, this method only works if you can wrap the contents of the drawers in plastic in a manner that ensures their safety. Check read our article on how to pack like a pro if you’re unsure how to do it.

9. Don’t leave your movers unattended.

They can’t be allowed to do everything on their own, therefore you must remain out of the way. Aim to be nearby so they can easily locate you in an emergency. According to moving etiquette, you should remain in the home and provide the movers your location so they can locate you if you need to take a little break.

10. Uncertain about how much to tip the movers?

Depending on how long they worked, how many difficult stairs they had to negotiate, and how satisfied you are with their performance, the typical gratuity range is $25–$50 per move, or 10%–15% of the overall move cost. It’s also a good idea to provide your moving staff food and beverages throughout the day to keep them energetic and help them work more swiftly and effectively. You may also read our advice on how much to tip movers.


We put up the Ultimate Moving Playlist to make the day of the move even more joyful. Turn it up all the way, then proceed!


Moving day is a stressful time for everyone involved. Movers want to make the process as smooth as possible. Here are 10 things movers don’t want you to know. Reference: what do movers not move.

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