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As one of the largest consumers in America, moving companies are constantly looking for new ways to provide great customer service. This guide will help you understand how gas mileage and other factors impact your total cost as well as tips on how to save money throughout your move with a little bit of math know-how.

The “truck fuel cost calculator” is a tool that allows users to calculate the amount of money they will spend on gas for their moving truck.

You’re prepared to go by car! Renting a moving truck to transport your possessions to your new home while you’re relocating across the nation may seem like the most economical choice. Surely shipping is more expensive? No, not always. Have you thought about estimating the gas expenditures for moving trucks? For moving truck rentals, especially big ones, fuel may be rather expensive. For the most precise figures to anticipate your expenditures, use our moving truck gasoline calculator.

This equation is mostly used in calculations: The total cost to fuel the rental truck is calculated as follows: (Total Miles x Moving Truck MPG) x Price per Gallon.

For instance, the computation would be as follows if you were driving 2,000 miles in a truck that gets 10 miles per gallon and the price of standard unleaded petrol is $2.45 per gallon:

The anticipated gasoline expenses for 2,000 miles at 10 MPG are 200, multiplied by 2.45, or $490.

Here are a few other elements to think about that may differ greatly from one journey to the next:

Vehicle Information

A moving truck’s average miles per gallon (MPG) may vary from 6 to 12 depending on the age of the fleet, the frequency of maintenance, and the kind of engine. The rental company should be able to tell you what your truck’s estimated MPG is whether you are renting a Penske or a U-Haul. Verify the oil has been maintained, the tires are in excellent condition, and they are inflated appropriately.

Fuel type

Don’t simply assume that your car will use normal gasoline; it may need diesel instead, and diesel costs may not change as often as those for ordinary unleaded fuel. When using the moving truck fuel calculator, be careful to provide an exact representation of your possible truck.


It is a physical fact that a larger vehicle will need more gasoline to move. Therefore, bear in mind that relocating unnecessary stuff, such as furniture that you may not really retain, might wind up costing you money when you load the truck.


Will you be pulling a car or some other kind of cargo trailer? Your average miles per gallon may drop dramatically as a result of the additional drag, particularly if the baggage is heavy.


Driving a rented moving truck across hilly terrain or through windy plains in the Midwest would likely result in a greater reduction in fuel efficiency than traveling along the coast via somewhat undulating terrain.

driving practices

Wind resistance is increased by driving at faster speeds, especially when a moving vehicle is involved. Higher wind resistance forces the engine to work harder, which results in higher gas consumption. Most moving service providers advise their drivers to travel slowly out of concern for safety and to get better gas economy. The way you accelerate also affects how much gasoline you use; if you accelerate gradually, the truck won’t need to crank its engine as hard. Gas (and rubber) burn fast under high acceleration!

Let’s take a look at another possible fuel scenario: you are driving a vehicle that averages 8 miles per gallon 5,000 miles. The price of gas is now $2.60 a gallon. Thus, your first computation would be as follows:

5,000 ÷ 8 Equals 625. With this simple moving truck gasoline calculation, multiplying $2.60 by 1, your fuel will cost $1,625. But given that you’re in Colorado, you should be prepared for plenty of rugged terrain. Moreover, you are pulling a little automobile. To account for the increased pressure on the vehicle, you should certainly include a little more cushion to your estimated budget!

Check out our article on calculating linear feet, which is crucial for figuring up how much space your stuff will need in a truck.

Sound complex to you? Maybe the gasoline cost estimate has shown that your journey won’t be exactly as inexpensive as you anticipated. You may be surprised to learn that hiring a moving company is less costly than it first seems. Get a guaranteed price from Unpakt and leave the moving truck distance calculation to the movers. You? Plan a vehicle that gets greater mileage for your road trip!

The “gas for u-haul truck” is a calculator that allows users to estimate the amount of gas they will need to fill up their moving truck.

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