Packing Tips for Disorganized People

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Moving can be a complicated process, especially when you are prone to making mistakes and getting overwhelmed. Packing tips for disorganized people will help make the transition more manageable.

It’s time to relocate, and the thought of being in a new place makes me feel wonderful. After that, you glance about your home. The closet is crammed with dozens of shoes. kitchen drawers filled with everything from sticky tack to culinary utensils. The majority of the lotions in bathroom cupboards are empty and contain outdated medications. For those of us who lack organization, packing seems to be a very different concept.


If you’re disorganized in one location, you’ll probably be disorganized in another. Take a pause before you start gathering boxes and stuffing everything you can into them. To assist you in organizing your relocation and prevent packing errors, read our packing advice for unorganized individuals. You will be grateful to me in the future when I have to unload those boxes on the other side.


What comes first? Making a plan of attack is the best place to start. It’s not as easy and pleasant in reality as it seems in your imagination, despite the fact that you may be tempted to engage in a marathon sorting and cleaning session. The easiest method to organize and pack is to divide the task into smaller components.

Take it one room at a time to start. Furthermore, start a timer. Set a time limit for how long you stay in each space. After exerting yourself for a while, it’s wonderful to treat yourself to a rest. Sprints lasting 30 to 45 minutes are advised, with stops to refresh your body and spirit. You will avoid burnout by doing this.

Sort out.


Enter your first room and begin arranging your belongings. This entails not only organizing the items into piles according to what they are, but also shifting the belongings into their proper locations. This is an important time to make sure you can split things up into the right rooms in your home since when the packing step arrives, you’ll arrange items by room. This makes it easier for you to unpack in the appropriate locations after you cross across.

Delete the Waste

Let’s face it: you’re not taking everything in your house with you. Neither should it: why bring items you won’t use, desire, or need? This is an excellent opportunity to conduct some purging and make room for what is left.

Start by collecting all of the garbage or waste and heaping it up. This is the collection of items that nobody else can use or wants. Put genuine garbage and products that are broken or expired in this pile. Of course, separate your garbage from your recyclables. Take into account anything that could need extra caution while being disposed of, such as prescription, batteries, or electronics.

Stack your gifts and giveaways

After getting rid of all the rubbish, consider what is still excellent but not healthy for you. Items that you have that others may desire or need should be put in a separate pile.

Decide where the piles of items for donations and giveaways will go once you’ve gone through each area. Pick a nearby thrift shop or charity that might use your items. Find out whether they have designated days and hours for receiving stuff; the last thing you want is to bring everything in your vehicle and have it refused.


Now is the right moment! Take out the boxes once you’ve disposed of whatever you won’t be bringing with you. Room by room, begin packing all of your belongings. Use rags or newspapers to wrap up your valuables. Keep heavy objects in smaller boxes whenever possible to reduce the amount of effort required to move them. Use the bigger boxes for heavier items like blankets and lighter clothing. To keep shoes together, try wrapping them in pairs.


Your organizational streak doesn’t need to end here. Make sure your boxes are appropriately labeled so they can enter your home in a timely manner. 

Always label.

Labeling was already discussed, but since it’s crucial, it merits its own section. Make sure your boxes are labeled! Because sorting, arranging, and packing took so much time, labeling will keep the momentum going.

Label your boxes with the room or, if appropriate, the contents. As boxes are moved, loaded, and unloaded they turn, so label them on the top and on several sides. The labels you assign to them are ultimately up to you, as long as the system works for you. Consider the outcome: you want to be certain that your boxes are in the proper location when you open them.

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Christina Brown

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