14 Reasons Why Moving to Tempe, AZ is a Great Choice

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Moving to Tempe, AZ can be a great choice for many reasons. It has high job opportunities for people with degrees in science, technology and engineering as well as an affordable cost of living compared to other cities. Here are 14 more reason why moving here is a good idea.

Tempe, Arizona is a great place to live. Here are 14 reasons why moving to Tempe, AZ is a good idea.

Tempe, Arizona is a beautiful area to live with 330 days of sunlight annually and a position near to Phoenix! Tempe, which has a population of roughly 160,000, is a smaller city yet is near enough to a larger metropolis to benefit from its amenities. Additionally, the year-round average temperature of 85 degrees makes it the perfect destination for anyone seeking to avoid the harsh northern winters. This stunning peak, which sits in the shadow of Camelback Mountain, can be seen from everywhere in town. Here, we provide a few more of our top arguments in favor of migrating to Tempe.

1. yearly music festival

A thriving yearly music festival is held in Tempe; in recent years, it has included acts including Kid Rock, My Chemical Romance, and Puddle of Mud.

2. Arizona Casino

There are over 900 gaming machines and gambling tables available for your enjoyment and perhaps good fortune.

3. There are several stores.

The Arizona Mills retail center, the Mill Avenue shopping area, and the largest IKEA store west of the Mississippi all provide a plenty of shopping opportunities.

4. fun and young

Tempe is a college town and the location of Arizona State University, with all the attractions and vibrant nightlife it involves for young people.

5. outstanding economics

The economy is doing well, and Tempe’s unemployment rate is very low—nearly two points lower than the national average.

6. several water parks

Big Surf Fun and Splash Playground are two water parks in Tempe where you can unwind and cool down all year long.

7. Sunlight and more sunlight!

Tempe is warm year-round and scorching in the summer. In the daytime, July temperatures may reach 105 degrees. In December, the low temperature during the winter months is 38 degrees. Tempe receives just approximately 9.3 inches of rain annually due to its arid environment.

8. “Fiesta Bowl”

Tempe is home to the annual college football bowl game, “Fiesta Bowl”. As you can imagine, that game comes complete with lots of festivities.

9. A variety of neighborhoods are available.

There are dozens of different neighborhoods in the city, but North Tempe is the one with the highest concentration of college students, while South Tempe is more open and welcoming to families.

10. It’s inexpensive

Living in Tempe is a reasonable option. Compared to the national average and the state average for Arizona, the cost of living is cheaper by 3.3 and 5 percent, respectively. The average cost of a house is $130,000.

11. fantastic public school

Excellent public schools with a high ranking and a favorable student to teacher ratio.

12. easy commute by car

Tempe has good transportation options; major highways pass through the city, with Loops 101 and 202, Interstate 10, and Route 60 being the most popular routes.

13. even simpler public transit

Light rail and buses are available for use as public transit, providing all-encompassing ways of getting about town. Residents may also take advantage of a completely free bus service; the Orbit system operates five routes around the municipality.

14. culture and the arts

Regular cultural and artistic events take place in Tempe; in addition, you may go to ballet or the planetarium at Arizona State University.

Do you think Tempe would be a good location to call home? Start packing after which compare Tempe movers on Unpakt for guaranteed pricing and to read actual reviews. The only choice left is which part of town is ideal for your family.


Moving to Tempe, AZ is a great choice for many reasons. The city has a low cost of living, good weather and it’s close to Phoenix. Reference: zillow.

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