5 Very Serious Reasons Why You Should Move to Vermont

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The Green Mountain State is a place where life is simple. The people are friendly and the scenery is beautiful. Vermont ranks as one of America’s best states for quality of life, but there are plenty of factors that make it seem like an ideal destination to live in or move too. The “regret moving to vermont” is a popular phrase that has been used by many people. The reasons why you should move to Vermont are very serious and not something to be taken lightly. Are you seeking for a location with everything you need to have the life you have always desired? Vermont is the only place to look. Vermont is a lovely, tiny, prosperous state with the second-smallest population in the nation. It is located in the New England area near the northeastern edge of the US. Here are five reasons for moving to Vermont:

1. America has the lowest crime rate

Do you fear criminal activity? In America, Vermont has the lowest crime rate. Only 1.2 violent crimes occur per 1,000 persons in the state. Compared to that, the national median is 3.8, 4.02 for California, 4.08 for Texas, and 3.94 for New York. In Vermont, there are 22.14 property crimes committed per 1,000 residents. That is in contrast to the 18.25 in New York, the 26.58 in California, the 32.58 in Texas, and the 27.3 national median.

2. A sparsely populated area

If you detest crowds and gridlock, Vermont is the place for you to live and work. According to the 2013 census, the population of Montpelier, the state’s capital, is less than 8,000, while Burlington, the biggest city, has less than 50,000 residents. Vermont is the perfect spot to retire and raise a family because of its tiny population, wide highways, and contemporary amenities.

3. One of the states with the greatest education systems

One of the top states in the nation for education is Vermont. According to the state’s mandatory education law, parents and guardians must enroll their children, who must be between the ages of 6 and 16, in a school or arrange for homeschooling. One of America’s oldest colleges is the University of Vermont. In a ranking of the top 30 public colleges for placing students in the best graduate business, medical, and law schools in the country, a recent Wall Street Journal poll rated it 18th.

4. proximity to major cities

Despite the fact that no city in Vermont has a population of even 50,000, Vermont is a great area to reside due to its closeness to some of the largest cities in the northeastern United States. Boston is just a three-and-a-half-hour trip from Burlington, the state’s largest city; Syracuse is only a four-and-a-half-hour journey; and New York is only a five-and-a-half-hour drive. Even closer is Montreal, Canada, which is only one hour and forty minutes away.

5. A wonderful location for outdoor recreation year-round

Despite being a tiny state, Vermont is an excellent destination to spend time outdoors since it has mountains, lakes, rivers, and woods that provide year-round options for outdoor recreation. Everyone may find something to do in the well-known Green Mountains, which provide four seasons of hiking, climbing, and sightseeing in addition to skiing and snowboarding in the winter. To learn how cross-country movers may assist you if Vermont is many states away from your present residence, read this blog article. The “what are the cons of living in vermont” is a question that has been asked many times. Here are 5 very serious reasons why you should move to Vermont.

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