Relocating to Fort Lauderdale? Here is What You Need to Know

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Fort Lauderdale is a city with all the benefits of a major metropolitan area, but it still maintains an intimate small town vibe. With its low cost of living and amiable residents, Fort Lauderdale provides everything you could want in Florida’s second largest city. The downside? There are few employment opportunities outside tourism or healthcare. If this sounds like your dream destination, read on for more information about relocating to Fort Lauderdale from other parts of the state.,

The “living in fort lauderdale pros and cons” is a question that many people ask themselves. The answer to this question can be found by looking at the following list of pros and cons.

Fort Lauderdale is a bit more sedate and a lot more diversified than Miami, which is just an hour to the north. This oceanfront neighborhood is home to many artists, lovely residences, rivers, excellent restaurants, and kilometers of stunning beaches that are bordered by a charming serpentine wall. Both as a tourist destination and as a location to call home, Fort Lauderdale is fantastic!

If you’re considering relocating to Fort Lauderdale, you probably already are aware of the region’s tropical environment, which has regular, light rainstorms. Likely, you are also used to the sandy beaches and the hordes of happy vacationers. You could be looking forward to spending the days fishing, swimming, and lounging in the sun. If you’re more of an explorer, you might also be interested in kayaking or snorkeling. These are all fantastic reasons to visit the area, but this busy, not-so-little town of 167,000 has much more to offer.

Do you think Fort Lauderdale would be a decent area to live? What you need to know in order to decide is provided here.

Fort Lauderdale honors its river and oceanic origins.

In actuality, close to 40,000 inhabitants do so on their boats. Ft. Lauderdale’s moniker as the “Venice of America” is well-deserved with its 162 bridges and approximately 500 miles of waterways. The city’s waterfront pubs and water taxis have given rise to Fort Lauderdale’s own type of entertainment, the waterway bar crawl, in addition to the obvious benefits of sailing and other watersports.

There is a spot in the city that is ideal for you.

Fort Lauderdale is a vibrant hybrid of an up-and-coming, urban mini-metropolis and a yachting capital/beach town. It perfectly combines all these characters to provide a very distinctive atmosphere. Finding the ideal area could take some time since there are many different communities in the city and most have pretty high rentals. The Isles, Victoria Park, Rio Vista, Sailboat Bend, and other neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale are some of the nicest locations to call home.

Many artists visit Fort Lauderdale.

While many other cities’ arts districts lose their appeal in favor of pricey “boutique” shopping destinations, marketed restaurants, and bars, Fort Lauderdale’s FAT Village and MASS area remain steadfastly a haven for creativity. Innovative artists are housed in the lofts and studios of these areas; you may meet them at the neighborhood’s weekly Art Walk events.

There are plenty of magnificent eateries.

You will find something you like, whether your preference is people-watching and al fresco eating on Las Olas Boulevard, a busy Beach Place restaurant, or an old-fashioned seafood joint. In terms of sophistication, Fort Lauderdale’s eating industry is making significant strides ahead and is beginning to compete with Miami.


It’s a community that values its health.

Many people in Fort Lauderdale place a high emphasis on maintaining their health. Fortunately, the weather permits a lot of energetic, outside experiences. Since inline skaters, cyclists, and runners may be seen every day on State Road A1A, as well as yoga sessions held on the beach, there is really no need to be out of shape if you live here.

But the climate isn’t ideal…

Unquestionably, Fort Lauderdale is a hurricane hotspot. From June through November, you should be ready and extra careful in September and October.

expense of living

Fort Lauderdale isn’t inexpensive, like other developing cities. Although it is considerably more expensive than the Miami-West-Palm-Beach metro region, it is much more expensive than the state and national averages. The most expensive item in the city is housing, but you’ll also spend more on food, electricity, and healthcare than in other towns.

The nightlife is the place to be.

This town used to be all about beachfront beers and garish spring break drinks when it was known as Fort Liquordale. The good news is that Fort Lauderdale has been catching up to Miami’s swanky nightlife culture, so it’s not unexpected that clubs usually play salsa rhythms and rum is the preferred alcoholic beverage.

Fort Lauderdale events

The city’s exceptional beach strip and ideal weather nearly demand to be honored in enjoyable outdoor activities. As you’ve already seen, people in Fort Lauderdale tend to be creative and lively. This leads to some of Florida’s best festivals and events, such as the Tortuga Music Festival, the Fort Lauderdale Fringe Festival (which is largely inside but is still very amazing), and the Las Olas Food and Wine Festival. Friday Night Sound Waves, a free live music event that takes place every Friday at the Beach Hub, rain or shine, is another staple of Fort Lauderdale’s packed cultural calendar.

Moving to Fort Lauderdale now is a good financial decision; property prices have bottomed out since their high in 2005 and are just now starting to increase, so there may still be time to snag a deal. Choose an area that you love, then use Unpakt to compare the top movers to ease the transition to your new home in sunny south Florida!

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If you are considering moving to Fort Lauderdale, here are some of the reasons that people have listed. Reference: reasons to move to fort lauderdale.

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