Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Penske Truck

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Penske offers discounts on moving services when you rent a truck. This can save you money and make your move easier, without the hassle of buying one or renting one sight-unseen. It’s easy to sign up online for basic rental service pricing.

Renting a Penske truck is a great way to save money on your move. The “penske truck rental” has all the information you need.

Different rental truck firms exist! Thinking about leasing a Penske truck? Here is all the information you want on truck sizes, prices, and moving specifics.

What choices do you have?

How do you determine which size can accommodate all of your possessions without being too large when there are so many options? Look at the many Penske truck sizes that are available.

  • 12-foot truck: With 450 cubic feet of storage space and a carrying capacity of 3,100 pounds, this truck is designed to accommodate the contents of a studio or one-bedroom apartment. This choice lacks the ability to tow vehicles, unlike the other three trucks.
  • 16-foot truck: Slightly bigger, this truck can fit the furnishings of a studio apartment with one to two bedrooms or a small house. 800 square feet
  • 22-foot truck: This truck is designed to fit a 2- or 3-bedroom house since it has a 1,200-cubic-foot capacity and a 10,000-pound weight restriction. The size of this truck will be useful if you have a lot of furniture, especially large pieces like sofas or armchairs. Additionally, this truck’s interior height is 8’1″ instead of little over 6′ in the smaller vehicles, which is crucial if you have big furnishings.
  • The biggest truck you can hire without a CDL is a 26-footer with a storage capacity of 1,700 cubic feet and a weight capacity of 10,000 pounds. It will fit the contents of a bigger house in this truck. Whether you’re unsure if this vehicle will have adequate space, hiring a moving firm is usually a better option than renting a moving truck.

What is the price?

The size of the truck you’re renting will decide the basic fee, but there are a few more criteria that might result in price hikes. Are you leaving the state and how far are you moving? On one-way travels, Penske gives free unlimited miles; the cost is mostly based on how long you intend to keep the vehicle. You may hire more days on the spot if you decide to prolong your vacation and make a side excursion. Although Penske vehicles are priced by the mile for round-trip rentals, prices might vary significantly according on supply and demand.

Remember that a moving truck likely gets considerably worse gas economy than your automobile, particularly if it is hauling a car or laden with large objects. Do yourself a favor and budget for petrol expenses in advance to avoid being caught off guard.

And last, do you need any accessories? To receive the most accurate estimate of how much renting a Penske will really cost, reserve any additional items, such as furniture pads, a moving dolly, or a moving truck, at the same time that you book your truck.

Not certain Penske is the best option? Consider comparing moving truck rentals to see what other choices you may have!


Renting a Penske truck is the best way to move heavy items like furniture, appliances and more. There are a few things to know before you rent your Penske truck. Reference: is penske security deposit refundable.

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