10 Safety Tips for Driving a Rental Moving Truck In Any Condition

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Moving is a big purchase, and you’ll want to ensure that the experience goes smoothly. Here are 10 tips for staying safe while driving in any moving truck rental condition.

Moving companies that move your stuff for you are a great way to save time and money. However, there are 10 safety tips that must be followed by every person who drives a moving truck in any condition. Read more in detail here: moving companies that move your stuff for you.

Although renting a moving truck might help you save money on your move, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. The most difficult chore you may encounter throughout your DIY relocation may be operating a large, unfamiliar truck while hauling all of your stuff AND your loved ones. To hire a moving truck, you don’t need a specific driver’s license, but you should take certain safety measures, particularly if you’ve never driven a truck before.

Before you take a rented moving truck off the lot, consider the following 10 driving safety tips:

1. Examination

Before you leave, give the vehicle a very thorough check. Check the truck’s tires, signals, lights, and mirrors to see whether they are in working order. Request the finest and newest vehicle available from the rental provider; sometimes a little perseverance may make all the difference. Additionally, inspect the inside and outside of the vehicle for any damage to avoid being held responsible afterwards.

2. Keep Your Distance

It may seem apparent, but trucks are heavier and take longer to stop completely than automobiles, so it is crucial to maintain a safe gap between them and other vehicles. To be safe, maintain a distance that is at least twice what you would if you were driving a vehicle.

Bad Weather 3.

When driving a moving truck in poor weather, you need to keep a bigger gap between you and the vehicles in front of you. You should also reduce your speed to roughly 10 mph less than the posted limit. Plan your travel during a period of year when the weather will be more pleasant, if at all feasible.

Secure Loading

You must never go above the weight restriction for any vehicle. To determine how much weight is safe to put into your rental truck, check the recommended GVWR and GAWR. Go to this blog article for extra advice on doing your own loading and packaging.

5. Reliable Braking

Don’t slam on the brakes if you have a flat tire or have to stop quickly for any other reason. To safely stop the vehicle, slow it down gently. You risk losing control of the car if you use the brakes too quickly.

6. Secure Turns

When turning, a truck need a lot more room than a vehicle. In order to avoid turning over, slow down as much as necessary and provide extra room for broader curves.

7. Move Slowly

Companies that hire moving trucks, like Penske and U-Haul, do not mention the precise speed restriction for operating their vehicles; instead, they typically encourage customers to abide by the state-specific speed limitations. You are often recommended to drive at roughly half the speed of a standard automobile in order to be on the safe side. Go gently; your new house isn’t leaving!

8. Rest Periods

Aim to limit your driving time every shift to no more than 10 hours while going a large distance. Moving truck rental firms set a restriction of 10 hours for professional truck drivers to travel every day as a safety precaution. After the first eight hours of driving, take as many breaks as you need to freshen up, with each one lasting at least 30 minutes. This will support maintaining both your mental and physical acuity.

9. Taking a Mountain Road

Although it may be the most difficult aspect of your trip, nobody ever instructs you on how to operate a moving truck across mountain passes. Make sure you know your route in advance and make plans for such sections of road as some may not have the shoulder space you need to stop for a break and regroup. While the scenery may be magnificent, maintain your calm and drive slowly since the sharp turns and steep slopes need your whole attention.

10. Vehicle or Trailer towing

You must choose between using a tow dolly or a specialized trailer if you want to drive your moving truck while pulling a vehicle. The decision is based on the state of the road, the distance traveled, and of course, your budget. In any event, the usual safety precautions are multiplied here since towing affects both the truck’s balance during turns and your stopping distance.

This road trip will be unlike any other you have ever experienced, so have fun and drive safely whether you are operating a 12-foot moving truck or a 26-foot truck.

Movers need to know how to move items safely and efficiently. Here are 10 safety tips for driving a rental moving truck in any condition. Reference: move stuff to storage.

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