Storage Unit Deals – 8 Useful Tips

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If you’re looking for the best deals on storage units, there are a few things to keep in mind before making your selection. Here are 8 tips that will help ensure you get the most out of your next move!.

The “storage units near me” is a service that helps people find the best deals on storage units. It’s an online tool that can help you save money and time. Here are some useful tips to use it well.

Maybe you’re a wanderer who wants to hide your possessions before setting off on an expedition. Or maybe you’re relocating to the city and just don’t have enough room in your new loft for all of your priceless possessions. Whatever your situation, here are eight strategies to reduce prices while still locating a decent storage facility if you’re searching for a storage unit and you’re on a tight budget.

1. Look for the storage facilities a bit farther away.

A lot of folks are ready to pay more for adjacent apartments. However, if you won’t need frequent access to your unit, think about hiring a storage facility that’s a bit more hidden. Prices will probably drop, and you may still be able to use some of the more expensive facilities.

2. If you don’t need temperature control, don’t get it.

You may not need a climate-controlled container unless you’re keeping a lot of gadgets, delicate objects, or artwork. If a basic unit is secure for your possessions, doing so may save you a lot of money over time.

3. Avoid picking a location with drive-up access.

Since most people prefer the convenience of a drive-up unit, if you have a few friends who are prepared to assist you carry your items inside a building or up some steps, you’ll probably discover that these units are less expensive. The advantage of avoiding a drive-up location Since they have an additional layer of security, indoor locations are often more secure.

4. Opt for the smallest unit available.

You can cram a lot into a rather small area if your items are packed carefully and your storage space is organized carefully. You can quickly name stackable plastic totes and crates with some masking tape to help you keep organized, preserve your possessions, and make good use of your space as you pack in these containers.

  • Small furniture, including a dresser or a few end tables, as well as a few boxes, will fit in a 5 × 5 space.
  • 5 x 10 – A walk-in closet would be the size of a 50 square foot unit. A couch, a mattress set, and boxes can all fit. Its capacity is comparable to that of a cargo van.
  • 7.5 × 10 – Items from a one bedroom apartment that is just moderately equipped, including a washer and dryer, will fit.
  • 10 × 10 – A one bedroom that is more fully equipped, with main appliances and an average number of boxes, will fit.
  • 10 x 15 – You may use this area for furniture from a modest home or a two-bedroom apartment, plus boxes, but no appliances.
  • 10 × 20 – This size unit is required for furnishing a house with appliances or a two- to three-bedroom apartment. This is comparable to a whole 24-foot moving truck in size.
  • A big residence with significant appliances will need the 10 x 25 option.
  • 10 x 30 – This dimension is required for a home with four or five bedrooms. The capacity is equal to that of a 40-foot moving truck.

5. Purchase your own lock.

You won’t likely save much money with this one, but you will. You may have a lock you can use forever if you don’t pay the greater price that locks firms will want to rent or sell to you. Just make sure you get a sturdy lock to avoid easy theft!

6. Pay in advance

Most storage facilities provide a discount for paying your rent in advance if you know you’ll be using your unit for a certain period of time. Just be sure there is a way to extend your rental if the need arises.

7. Agree to a long-term tenancy

Similar to tip #6, signing a lease for a longer period of time, such a year or more, will often result in a significant savings on your monthly rental prices. Make the commitment if you know you’ll be gone for a long. Just be mindful of the consequences if you want to end the contract early.

8. Weigh your choices.

Before you decide, do your research, jot it down, and compare storage fees. Many facilities provide discounted first months, free first months with advance payment, or further discounts for longer-term commitments. They could also provide free pick-up services or collaborate with a nearby moving company to assist you with your relocation.

We advise reviewing some of the online customer evaluations if you want more guidance on how to choose a storage unit. Make care to read the reviews, rather than simply focusing on the final score. You should search for reviews of customer service, inadequate temperature control choices, and security.

You shouldn’t disregard security either. They are retaining your assets after all. Does the structure have security alarms and cameras? Is someone constantly on duty while the storage units are open? You want your possessions to be safe, but you also want to feel secure going in by yourself or at night.

Looking for further advice on selecting a storage facility? Observe this blog post.

Learn how much it will cost to have your furniture stored by a moving company.


The “storage unit prices near me” is a blog post that discusses the 8 most useful tips for people looking to move.

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