The 5 Biggest Companies in Columbus to Work for

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If you’re looking for a new job, or want to try your hand at freelancing after college, this is the place to start. We’ve ranked the top five companies in Columbus which offer great salaries and other benefits that make them some of the best places to work.

The “fortune 500 companies in columbus” is a list of the top 5 companies to work for in Columbus. The list includes Nationwide, Nationwide Insurance, Cardinal Health, American Electric Power, and Huntington Bancshares Incorporated.

You may be curious about the employment market in Columbus, Ohio, if you’re planning to relocate there soon. The city is relatively stable in the face of economic ups and downs because to its broad economy, which includes a sizeable portion of U.S. government employment. However, if you’re not employed by the government, these are the top five businesses in the city, as rated by employees.

Insight Enterprises is a good choice if you’re in the information technology industry and seeking employment in Columbus that will place you at the forefront of technical development. They provide business solutions for a variety of businesses and have experience in Agile Project Management software and technology. They are not a tiny business, but neither are they a massive one, with 102 workers in Columbus. Employees said that gives them hope that they can still combine their professional and personal lives while still doing fascinating work at a rising firm.

Once again, Columbus-based businesses are at the forefront of technical innovation: CrossChx has created a universal patient profile technology that it hopes will advance the existing medical systems in the best manner. The core skill set of their 72 workers is likewise in the IT industry, simplifying treatment for more than 20 million medical patients nationwide. The work atmosphere, according to the employees, is demanding and extremely collaborative, keeping everyone on their toes as they all strive to accomplish a goal they can all really believe in.

149 people work for DNV GL in Columbus, while having its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Their area of expertise is assisting the marine, oil, gas, and energy sectors to enhance safety procedures via technology, instruction, and risk approach. Employees at DNV GL believe they are encouraged to think creatively to solve problems for their clients and that the company keeps them interested with fresh and difficult situations. Take a look at DNV GL if you’re moving to Columbus and need some career security since the energy business isn’t going away any time soon. For additional general advice about moving for a job, check out this blog article. 

The pharmaceutical sector is increasing, which necessitates marketing and promotion for the constantly evolving medicines. Enter GSW, a company with 301 workers in the area and a Columbus headquarters. They collaborate with a variety of pharmaceutical firms and provide services including strategic planning, direct marketing, and interactive media production. Employees claim that working alongside very brilliant and driven individuals every day contributes significantly to their sense of job satisfaction.

In the fields of technology development services and business consultancy, HMB, Inc. is a significant employer. They provide a dynamic work environment with plenty of chance to take on new tasks with the assistance of a solid team at their Columbus headquarters, where they have 189 workers. Employees also express their appreciation for the supportive workplace culture, so if you’re relocating to Columbus in search of employment, focus on getting a position with HMB, Inc.

Are you moving to a new city for a new job? To ensure a smooth transfer, let your new company know about the corporate relocation services. Are you still interested in what Columbus has to offer? See why so many people are relocating there by reading this blog article.

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