The 8 Best Free Activities to Do in Oakland

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TABLE OF CONTENTS has compiled a list of the best free activities to do in Oakland, ranging from cultural events and outdoor adventures to things that everyone can enjoy no matter what their interests are. From museums and parks to tours around town, there’s something for every type of person here on this list!

The “free things to do in the east bay” is a list of 8 activities that are free. These include outdoor activities, museums, and more.

The DIY and arts scene is said to be centered on Oakland, California. That indicates that the community’s people are passionate about organizing fun events and free—or at least inexpensive—community activities. Here is a list of free things to do in Oakland to get you started now that you have settled into your new home and are ready to meet the locals.

1. The Lake Merritt area is home to an excellent botanical garden.

To be exact, there are wonderful gardens on seven acres. There are sensory gardens that allow you to smell, touch, and even dip your hands in the granite fountain feature, as well as pollinator gardens, Japanese gardens, food gardens, and edible gardens. It encompasses every prohibition in the majority of botanical gardens. Join the volunteer program to help maintain the gardens, or just drop by anytime you need a break from the day to take a walk around the grounds. And hey, the weather in Oakland is so great that spending time in the gardens is almost always a lovely day.

2. Free nature walks and courses are available at the California Center for Natural History.

Visit a “pop-up aquarium” in Jack London Square, learn about the birds of Lake Merritt, or bring the entire family to one of the CCNH’s free activities in and around the city to learn about animal tracking. Do you not believe that if you live in Oakland you should get to know all of your neighbors, especially the flying, crawling, and swimming ones… Even though not all of the Center’s programs are free, such as the led camping excursions, there are often scholarships available due to the organization’s commitment to the local neighborhood.

3. Redwood Regional Park’s beautiful Redwoods are nearby and easy to find.

You don’t even need to cross the bridge, in fact. To escape the bustle of the city for a moment, an afternoon, or an entire day, slip in amid enormous coastal Redwoods and a variety of local wildlife just over the crest from downtown. There are trails throughout the park, public group picnic spots, and daily events open to the general public, such as Toddler Time at the Farm, taking part in animal feeding time, or going on a guided bird walk.

4. Every second Friday, the East Bay Bike Party is a great place to ride your bike and party.

These riders really know how to have fun! The trip always begins and finishes at a BART station to promote simple access and is led by a volunteer leader with a flag. It has themed rides, carefully planned gathering times, and stated rules that include “Don’t Hate!” and “Ride straight.” You may be able to guess why there are dedicated Music Bikes and that attendees should bring their alcoholic drinks in cans rather than bottles.

5. With Art Murmur, Oakland does First Friday correctly.

Do you believe your prior hometown had the finest First Fridays? Think again. Because of Oakland’s thriving art community, visiting the galleries is more than simply an opportunity to munch on free pretzels; it’s a spectacle and an event. The street festival in Uptown, along Telegraph Ave, between Grand-27th, is a terrific spot for folks relocating to Oakland to go out and interact. Galleries are collectively open from 6-9pm. To find out which galleries are presenting openings each month, visit the Art Murmur website.

6. Mountain View Cemetery is indeed quite beautiful.

You are welcome to stroll through the 223-acre grounds of this hillside cemetery, which was historically planned by Frederick Law Olmstead. The second and fourth Saturdays of each month, free tours are available. A guide will discuss the history of the grounds; alternatively, choose a thematic tour to learn about the architecture, ornamental tree species, or gravesite meaning. Memorial Day holidays provide activities including visits of Civil War graves, historical accounts, and even live guitar music.

These 7 acres of rose gardens, created in the classically romantic 1930s style, have more than 6,000 rose plants. These gardens are about as romantic as it gets if you’re wanting to channel a little Jane Austen or maybe charm your new date. There are meandering walks, a reflecting pool, and a cascading fountain. And? The gardens are conveniently situated in Oakland, making it simple for residents to visit them.

In this region of the nation, the Pacific is infamously frigid, so July swims might result in blue toes. There is plenty of swimming, fishing, and picnicking around Lake Temescal’s shoreline, so don’t worry about your summertime entertainment. The lake was first built as a pond for storing the city’s drinking water, but it is currently only utilized for leisure activities. There is a parking cost to access the park, but if you plan to visit the parks often, Destination Oakland will sell you an annual parking ticket for $30.

Maybe it’s time to start putting some effort into furnishing your new house now that you have a better idea of all the free things to do in Oakland. Here is our blog article about how to learn interior design quickly and easily. When it’s time to move, enlist the assistance of the top movers in Oakland to make the process simple.

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