The Best Crossfit Gyms In Washington, DC

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The best crossfit gyms in Washington, DC will make you feel as though it is your own personal workout paradise. With no equipment to store or complicated schedules to follow, these facilities are easy on the wallet and offer a wide variety of workouts that can help you achieve any fitness goal.

The “crossfit dc” is a popular fitness program that has been around for many years. It’s also one of the best crossfit gyms in Washington, DC.

The heartaches may be severe when leaving your CrossFit group behind to move to a new place. Where will you receive your daily workout (WOD) at your new location? When it comes to finding a new gym or group exercise class, we’ve got you covered. Fortunately, CrossFit Headquarters and a ton of “boxes”—what CrossFit devotees refer to as gyms—are located in Washington, DC, where you can do all the squats and burpees you want. CrossFit gyms in DC will keep you in shape whether you’re searching for serious coaching, a friendly, close-knit group, or top-notch equipment.

Describe CrossFit.

CrossFit consists of many elements. The key is to switch up your exercises every day to keep your body guessing, whether it be with cardio, weight training, or functional movement. Fortunately, coaches assist in adapting the WODs for athletes of every age and skill level.

Ready to go forward? The top CrossFit gyms in Washington, DC, are listed below.


Crossfit Humble Beast

The Dupont Circle timetable

Train Hard and Remain Humble. With a slogan like this, you can tell that Humble Beast is a group of athletes that help each other out and aren’t afraid to get to work. Humble Beast at Dupont Circle provides a Saturday “Humble Beginnings” program for a $25 drop-in charge. To start your passion for this little group, you may there get to know the trainers and delve into the specifics of CrossFit form and function.

DC CrossFit

Cardozo. A plan

Home to killer WODs, incredibly encouraging coaches, and a Head Coach and Co-Owner who trained under the CrossFit founder Greg Glassman, the quality of workout you’ll get at DC CrossFit will make every muscle quiver. With two locations – one right near the downtown Metro Center station and one on H Street NE – your next sweat-fest is always within reach. New to CrossFit? Take a free intro class, or join a two-week program focused on the CrossFit fundamentals.

Fitness Primal DC

Washington, DC. Timetable

The people at Primal, which is housed in a former firehouse, are passionate about movement in all its forms. Here, you may enroll in courses like CrossFit and, get ready, Parkour. the kind where you sprint around and leap upon objects. Join the Primal Onramp program for a two-week series of four instructor-led sessions that are each restricted to 5 individuals for a more individualized experience if you are brand-new to CrossFit.

CrossFit Old City

H Street. Timetable

The family that is cohesive… Fitness isn’t only for serious weightlifters and sportsmen in Old City. They also provide swimWODs, kid’s swim lessons, and gymnastics for the small ones. They are affiliated with Old City Swim Club. You and your children will both sleep soundly if you enroll them in a class while you do your workout. Old City does not need the Foundations class, but there is a complimentary welcome session with a coach to assist you get a feel for the facility before class.


Twilight CrossFit

Heights of Northwest 16th Street.

Although Steve and Michelle run Second Wind, they believe that its patrons are what actually make it a fantastic location to exercise. Everyone can find a workout that fits them thanks to programs like Barbell Bettys (women-only exercises), Second Wind Legends (for those 50 to 80), and a Saturday Boot Camp session that touts being tougher than gym class in the sixth grade. Additionally, Second Wind is known to hold additional lighthearted social gatherings that call for absolutely no effort since nothing fosters friendships like suffering together. For newcomers, the 1-1 Foundations program costs $249.

Do you like to exercise at home? Instead, build up a home gym using our recommendations. Get out there and establish a new personal best now that you are aware of where to CrossFit in the DC area. New city, new workout objectives, right?  

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