The Best Neighborhoods in Cincinnati

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Cincinnati is a melting pot of cultures, which makes it one of the best cities in America. From being an all-American city to becoming home to immigrants from across the world over time, Cincinnati has seen its share of change and growth. The following are some great neighborhoods for movers that still keep their old charm alive when modern amenities intersect them with the past.

Cincinnati is a great city for young families. The Cincinnati neighborhoods that are the best for young families include Hyde Park, Over-the-Rhine, and Mount Airy.

There is no other city quite like Cincinnati, with its thriving metro region, its amiable population from the Midwest, and its ardent sports followers. It might be difficult to choose which Cincinnati neighborhood to reside in if you’re relocating there from out of state. Since there are more than 50 neighborhoods, where should you start? Right now.

The top Cincinnati neighborhoods for families and millennials have been listed by us after doing the preliminary research for you. Here are Cincinnati’s top 5 neighborhoods:

Hyde Park

Nearly 15,000 people call Hyde Park, which is on the east side of Cincinnati, home. The neighborhood is centered on Hyde Park Square, where the renowned Graeter’s Ice Cream is located. Hyde Park is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Cincinnati for families and has some excellent local public schools while having a pretty sizable population of around 15,000 people.

Although the typical property value in Hyde Park is roughly $350,000, compared to the national average of about $185,000, purchasing a home here may be expensive. Instead, if you’re unsure if you want to spend that much money, renting can be a better alternative; the typical monthly rent in the United States is $850.

Tuluscum Columbia

If you’re looking for a smaller Cincinnati neighborhood, Tuluscum Columbia has a population of only 1700 people, and nearly 60% of residents own their homes. Tuluscum Columbia is a great place for families and young professionals, with access to public city schools as well as popular restaurants and pubs.

If you’re looking to buy, Tuluscum Columbia is more affordable than Hyde Park, with a median home value of $236,700. Renting is also cheaper, with a median monthly rent of approximately $780.

Mt. Adams

Located directly east of downtown Cincinnati and surrounded by the lovely Eden Park, Mt. Adams is considered a more urban neighborhood though it’s home to only 1700 residents. There’s a wonderful dichotomy within Mt. Adams of being both a family-friendly neighborhood as well as very attractive to millennials.

Home prices are greater in urban communities than in suburban ones, as is often the case. The average house in Mt. Adams is worth $441,000, while the average monthly rent is $1300. More individuals rent than buy in this area.


Clifton, a big-little town with around 8000 residents, is well-known for its opulent houses and for being the location of the University of Cincinnati’s Clifton Campus.

Like Mt. Adams, Clifton is a neighborhood where more people rent than own — in fact, 65% of residents rent. Whereas the median household income is about $40,500, the median home value is $340,000, which means renting is a lot more feasible, especially if you’re a med student. The median monthly rent is about $700.


Despite having 11,000 residents and a long history, new families and millennials continue to move to Oakley. And it’s understandable why; despite being a suburban neighborhood, it features two major retail centers, a commercial district, as well as emerging pubs and a vibrant nightlife.

Additionally, Oakley’s pricing are reasonable for both purchasing and renting; the average property there is worth around $215,000, while the average rent is $860 per month.

Choosing Caution

Although each of these five Cincinnati neighborhoods has its advantages, it’s crucial to base your choice on your own circumstances. Are you relocating with a family or on your own? Which kind of neighborhood—suburban or urban—do you prefer? Are you trying to make new friends? Your decision-making process will be guided by the responses to your questions.

Once you’ve moved into your new area, unloaded your belongings, and taken a deep breath, it’s time to settle in and start establishing roots in your new neighborhood. Uncertain about where to start? Here are some pointers for you. Just proceed incrementally.

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