The Best Places For Millennials To Live in Orlando

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The city of Orlando is one of the biggest cities in Florida, with plenty to offer millennials. From unique neighborhoods like College Park and Mills 50, to parks and museums, it’s easy for those just moving here find their new home away from home.

The “best places to live in orlando for young professionals” is a blog post about the best places for millennials to live. The blog includes information on Orlando, Florida and other cities that are popular with young people.

Everybody has certain requirements while looking for a new house, and as a generation, Millennials have come to embody their own “personality.” If you’re a Millennial relocating to Orlando, it’s crucial to choose a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle and preferences lest you unpack and discover that suburbia surrounds you when what you truly wanted was a city setting. or the opposite. Based on proximity to the amenities that Millennials have identified as being most significant, these are Orlando’s top 5 Millennial neighborhoods.


Shall we begin on the outskirts of the city? Many Millennials are interested in purchasing their first home in an area just a little outside of town with plenty of access to nature, despite their desire to have quick access to the activities and hustle of Downtown. If you fit that description, Maitland is a fantastic option because to its parks, Howell Branch Nature Preserve, and Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, all of which are situated in this neighborhood. Living in this area may mean an easier commute for individuals working at the theme parks, which are a source of employment for many newcomers to Orlando since the sector is constantly expanding. Disney and the various parks are also near by. Residents in Maitland can easily access a variety of eateries, pubs, and live music venues because the city is so near to Disney. Bonus. The only drawback? This area is the most expensive on our list, with rent hovering about $1,250.

Springs Altamonte

If you’d like to head a little further out of downtown, Springs Altamonte is about 30 minutes from downtown Orlando with its own suburb feel. Nearly 20% of the current residents are between the ages of 24 and 35, and this suburb provides excellent access to nightlife like bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, and has fairly low crime rates to boot. The cost of living in Springs Altamonte is a bit lower than in Maitland with the average rent just under $1,000 and home prices around $135,000, so it’s a great place to look if you’re buying your first house in Orlando. If you’re a Millennial planning to start a family soon, this might also be a good destination: the schools in Springs Altamonte get great ratings.

Commercial District

For those looking for a more urban feel, check out the housing in the Commercial District. Living so centrally may be ideal if you’re diving into the professional world, putting in long hours at the office downtown or, perhaps, looking to network your way into one of those offices. You won’t get the abundant open space, but you will be able to walk or take public transit just about anywhere you need to go. The crime rates are a bit higher (though still lower than the Orlando average!), but the cost of living in Orlando in the Commercial District is surprisingly right on par with Orlando’s average. Downtown is expanding rapidly, so a move into the Commercial District ensures you’ll be right on the front lines – and always in the know as new bars and restaurants in Orlando as they open and close.


Lockhart, an Orlando suburb, provides a higher standard of living at a more affordable price than many of Orlando’s suburbs. It receives high marks for having a variety of pubs and restaurants where you can eat food from diverse cultures, including Cuban, Venezuelan, Japanese, and others. The average monthly cost of living in Lockhart is $900, while other expenses like food are comparable to those in the rest of Orlando. The communities in Lockhart are undoubtedly quieter since the majority of residents work in Orlando, but because there are over 20% of residents in this age group overall, you’re sure to make new acquaintances here. The majority of people travel in less than 20 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy life rather than linger in traffic. To routinely check out the culture and nightlife, it is also just a short journey to downtown.

Coastal Fairview

In 2016, Coastal Fairview was rated #12 on the Best Places in Florida for Millennials list. Not bad, not bad at all! Consider moving to Coastal Fairview if life among the lakes calls to you. With Lake Fairview, Lake Killarney, and Little Lake Fairview right nearby, this neighborhood has ample access to outdoor recreation — which might be nice when things really heat up in Florida’s summertime. The area also has excellent access to restaurants and bars, with an easy trip into Downtown and an average rent of just over $900. For those who are interested in taking advantage of Florida’s sunshine and warm weather all year round, Coastal Fairview is an excellent relocation destination.

choose to reside in one of the aforementioned communities. Start packing and have one of Orlando’s top movers do the hard lifting after that!

The “best neighborhoods in orlando” is a list of the best places for millennials to live. It includes things like crime statistics and median home prices.

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