The Best Tacoma Neighborhoods to Live In

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If you are looking for a house in Tacoma, then the best neighborhoods to live in might be those with higher crime rates or lower school test scores. So which neighborhoods should you avoid? We gathered data from all of the local areas and crunched some numbers to find out which Tacoma neighborhood is on top.

Tacoma has a lot of great neighborhoods. However, there are some bad areas that you should avoid.

The most desirable areas in Tacoma go beyond being charming or conveniently close to the city center. When making a significant move, it’s important to choose a neighborhood that fits your requirements, way of life, and aesthetic preferences. Here is our list of Tacoma, Washington’s top neighborhoods to get you started on your quest.

North End

If you like leisurely strolls along the shore, North Tacoma is well located nearby. It is also close to downtown and 6th Avenue, which is where the majority of the city’s attractions, clubs, and retail establishments are located. The most sought-after school in the city is Stadium High School, and North Tacoma itself has some great coffee shops and tiny boutiques hidden inside a more residential section. The typical age here is likely around mid-30s. Your youngsters may want to go given the castle’s resemblance to Hogwarts and its lakeside location.

The typical salary is around $66,000, and real estate is a little more expensive than in other parts of the city. It is nonetheless a desirable neighborhood for families since it is one of Tacoma, Washingtonsafest. ,’s

Central Tacoma

And now for a different flavor: if you want to live right in the center of the activity, locate your new residence close to the Tacoma Art Museum, the Museum of Glass, the Bridge of Glass, exclusive dining establishments, and entertainment venues. Take the Light Rail to explore Pacific Avenue, or see what the University of Washington – Tacoma has to offer. Living downtown may be the solution to all of your problems if you’re concerned about traveling to work, but it may also be one of Tacoma’s most costly districts. Downtown is likely to include condominiums and flats that aren’t especially suited for families, but what if you don’t have children? You could find the ideal social atmosphere there.

Old Town

Old Town is a jewel in Tacoma and is located close to the Waterfront, Stadium, and downtown areas. Residents can actually see and touch the history of this city thanks to artifacts like Tacoma’s earliest church and a recreation of Job Carr’s cabin, where the city’s first inhabitant lived. The Tacoma Old Town Rhythm and Blues Festival and other family-friendly activities make the summers lively while neighborhood pubs and eateries keep the people well-fed and comfortable. Additionally, you should make sure there is enough to keep youngsters entertained if you’re going cross-country with them. The majority of homes in Old Town cost $300,000 or more, and there aren’t many apartment complexes, therefore demand is strong. The majority of residential buildings are condominiums or residences, and many of them feature full or partial riverfront views.

Fresh Tacoma

On the other end of the timescale, Fresh Tacoma is the area surrounding the port with some overlap into the Downtown area. With expansive waterfronts mostly dominated by shipping warehouses and infrastructure to fuel the international trade economy, this area is bustling with business. The silver bowl of the Tacoma Dome is visible, and the Pullayup Reservation is on the southeast end. Since this neighborhood covers a pretty diverse range of real estate, you can find everything from luxury condos to older homes or renovated 19th-century gems. Head more toward the Downtown side of the neighborhood and you’ll find all the restaurants, bars, and shopping you want; head towards the port, and you’ll find a slight gritter flavor. There’s a little something for everyone.

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