The Coolest Employers in Philadelphia To Work For

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Philly is a city with an incredibly diverse job market, so it’s no surprise employers are looking for the best talent. If you’re thinking about jumping into the workforce of Philadelphia, here are some places to consider:
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The “best companies to work for in philadelphia 2022” is a list of the coolest employers in Philadelphia. The list includes companies like Comcast, PECO Energy and more.

Young professionals looking for their next job move have a lot of appealing possibilities in Philadelphia. The city has emerged as a hub for technology on the east coast, attracting some of the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce and marketing/branding firms as well as pioneers in the brewing, investing, and great coffee industries. Prepare your resumes, job seekers—here is our list of Philadelphia’s trendiest businesses, each of which offers a wonderful work environment, employee benefits, competitive compensation, and opportunities for development.


160over90 has rapidly established itself as one of Philadelphia’s most daring and rapidly expanding advertising agencies with customers like Ferrari and Nike. The workers claim the firm works its creatives really hard to produce such amazing material, but that this makes it seem like one big, hard-working family where there is lots of possibility for advancement if you’re ready to take chances and put in the effort. Employees that work until 8 o’clock are provided with a complimentary meal, and there is a very lenient dress code. Although salaries are typical, workers claim that those who put in extra effort are rewarded. So be ready to contribute and be an active member of the team if you want to help this Philadelphia company quickly become the best in its industry.


AmerisourceBergen, which handled 30% of the world’s pharmaceutical requirements in 2015, is a rising star on the Fortune 500 if you’re hoping to join one. and that success was not attained by exploiting dissatisfied workers. In Philadelphia, employees are provided with competitive pay, a dry cleaning service, fitness programs, and tuition assistance for continuing education. Although salary varies considerably due to the large number of levels of workers (16,000 with 900 local in Philadelphia), the personnel seems to be quite content with their work environment and lifestyle.

House of Fame

At House of Fame, the cool factor is pretty off the charts — they’re heading up digital marketing campaigns for the likes of Maroon 5, Eminem, and Pearl Jam through branding, social marketing, website development, online advertising and e-commerce. If you’re not interested in outside-of-the-box innovation or staff Mario Kart tournaments, don’t bother applying because this House is certainly excited about radical creativity. Employees report that the health and dental plans are fantastic, there is flexibility to work from home if needed, and salaries are fairly competitive with plenty of room for growth for those who are willing to put in the energy. So if you want to go places in the music industry, bring your best digital marketing ideas and apply.

MSC Stores

This specialized real estate consultancy and brokerage firm has been driving Philadelphia’s burgeoning retail sector. They are tasked with meticulously curating the vibe of each area, aligning businesses with newly trendy locations, and locating the ideal kind of businesses to occupy storefront spaces and structures. There are just 26 people on the tiny crew, and according to their jobs website, they “enjoy hearing from and interacting with intriguing folks who are juuuuust a little odd.” Additionally, it states that they provide limitless food. So, there you go.


The fortunate employees get a stock option plan, flexible scheduling, unlimited vacation time, and fully employer-paid health insurance. The office walls are orange, and you may work from your laptop on a large, comfortable sofa. This startup has been growing quickly, and for good reason—its founders built a platform that enables busy businesses to examine data and make smarter choices more quickly. If you’re interested in working in this kind of setting with computer geeks who are also passionate about data, check out their openings.


If you’re relocating to Philadelphia, Curalate is a company you should certainly check out since they have increased their revenue by 75% over the previous year and were successful in developing Instagram’s new “Like2Buy” option. Please, just social media gurus and creative marketers—they work with household brands like Gap, Urban Outfitters, and Martha Stewart Living. Employees say they have a great time and make lasting friendships with their coworkers when there is a small, youthful crew. So have a look at their positions if you like sending amusing jokes to your colleagues and creating GIFs before you’ve even finished your coffee while working hard to create this quickly expanding firm. You’re sure to discover something given how quickly they’re expanding.

Good luck with your job search in Philadelphia; there are many excellent opportunities here.


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