The Cost of Living in Arlington, Virginia

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Arlington, Virginia is a suburb of Washington D.C., and has been ranked as the most expensive city in America for five years straight. The cost of living here is very high, but newcomers to Arlington are often surprised by how affordable the town actually can be! With just one or two moves into Arlington you’ll start seeing huge savings on your budget so that small bump up in rent doesn’t seem like such a big deal after all.

The salary needed to live in Arlington, Virginia is $48,000. Arlington is a city in the state of Virginia. The cost of living in this city is average and not too expensive.

Arlington, Virginia, is so steeped in history that you cannot avoid it. It was formerly a portion of Washington, D.C.’s “ten miles square,” but it was cut off in the 1840s. Arlington, which is conveniently near to the nation’s capital but retains a more suburban air, draws families and those who work in D.C. but don’t want to live in the city. Arlington is situated just over the Potomac. as you could expect? As a result, Arlington, Virginia, has a higher cost of living than the majority of other American cities. What to anticipate if you relocate here is listed below.

The cost of homes is expensive.

The typical cost of a home in Arlington is roughly $565,000, although only about 55% of people live in homes. The average price per square foot has increased 6% over the last year, which is a trend that reflects the rising demand for property in the Washington, D.C., area. The median age is 34, and the typical income per family is $107,266. Real estate investment may be a smart move given Arlington’s expected continued growth in popularity! Have you already set your sights on any property? Let us assist you in organizing your relocation services.

The cost of rent exceeds the average nationwide

A one-bedroom apartment in Arlington’s downtown will cost around $2,112 per month to rent, with the city’s typical rent hovering around $3,000 per month. With the exception of larger homes, where monthly utility costs are often much higher, particularly during the summer when air conditioning is more in demand due to the heat in the south.

Arlington has higher food prices than the rest of Virginia.

In a mid-range restaurant, a lunch for one often costs $15 to $20, while a meal for two may cost up to $60. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that a family of four requires an annual income of close to $90,000 to “get by,” with the cost of food being similarly higher than the national average and considerably more than the average in Virginia.

It depends on the route that you choose.

Depending on your route and where you reside in relation to the metro, the monthly SmarTrip charges might range from $165 or more. On certain lines, purchasing a pass entitles you to unlimited travel; the WMATA can clarify the details for you. If not, you’ll likely have to commute with the crowd. Gas costs are typically normal, however you should plan on spending more time commuting due to traffic. Let us assist you in determining whether to fly or drive for your relocation if you plan to sell your automobile before traveling.

Want to make a little money before relocating to Arlington, Virginia, a lovely but more costly city? Allow us to assist you in finding reasonably priced, skilled movers.

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